Flobot comes in 2 flavours

or is that flavors?

Either way there is Flobot for the small companies and Flobot for the bigger. Mostly they share a lot of features but as the complexity in your company increases so does the need for more sophistication, resources and training in your job management software.

We think this arises at about 20 users and below that threshold we have Flobot Atom and above it we have Flobot Enterprise.

Flobot atom

50 / Month + 20 per user

up to 10 users
Initial set-up fee 249
Billed monthly at 75 / month + 25 / user
Telephone support
Upload your contact database free
Stop anytime easily
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Flobot enterprise

From 499 / Month

10 to 500 users
Fully managed implementation
Dedicated account manager
Fully automated client billing
White label interface and app
Client portal
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Optional add-ons

monthly per company

Xero integration
Sage integration
SMS text messaging
Sage payment gateway
Postcode lookup
Mailchimp integration
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* To use Flobot's Payment Gateway you will need a SagePay subscription which starts at 24.99 per month per business - contact us for more information.

* A user is defined as anyone who has password access to the field app or system.

* Managed set-up for 5 users just 249 talk to us for more details.

* More that 100 users and come and talk to us.

* All prices exclude VAT and Sales Tax

Free trial for Flobot ( 10 minutes )

Flobot is so simple to use that you can have your business up and running on it in 10 minutes. What are you waiting for?