Take control of your carpet fitting company

If you run a carpet fiting company small or large Flobot is software designed for you. Don't get confused with design software and CAD, this is business software that allows you to manage your customers, your employees, your contractors and your office staff. Manage your fitters' diary, take instant payments and build quotes for new carpet installations.

Get paid right now

You've finished the job and fitted the floor - so why not take an instant payment from your happy customer? That way you don't have to go home, create and send an invoice and chase for payment at the end of the month. As the payment is tageed to the customer details, there is no paperwork to do.

Schedule your fitters

You might be one carpet fitter or a major flooring company with several, it makes no difference to Flobot. You need to know when you are quoting and when you are working. Colour codes for both help you manage your day. And it helps to keep your customers informed of what you're doing too - automatically send them a text and an email confirming the appointmetn. It looks professional.

Guiding you to the job

Once the customer's address is in the system fire up your tablet and let the navigation system take you right to the door. You can even let them know you're on your way with the 'I'm on route' button. Keeps your customers informed all the time. Right from the start of the job to the end.

Organise yourself and raise your game

Carpet fitting can be a relentless round of quotes, jobs, ordering carpets, sending invoices and chasing for payment. And it's competitive with bob-a-job slashing prices to fit carpet. You need to raise your game to keep your margin and offer a better service than the last man off the boat. Flobot gives you the edge, saves you time and makes you look professional. Now go and download a trial before someone eats your lunch for you.

'It has saved me thousands

of hours of administration. Tying up the payment directly with the invoice is a no-brainer.'

- Hughie Condon, Cavendish deVere

'I never not get paid

because whatever job I do, no matter how small or large, I can take an instant payment from my mobile phone into my account for the service I've provided.'

- Martin Gilbert, Man Friday Services

'It's so simple

to keep my cash flow healthy because I never have to wait for my invoice to get paid.'

- Ben Margulies, BeeXpress

The Flobot System

Hosted in the cloud and available through a browser on any device, Flobot system allows the user to control every aspect of the day to day running of the field service business. The dashboard gives real-time visibility of the jobs, the customers and the field engineers.

Using this system the user can build and send estimates, issue invoices, receive payments from debit and credit cards, make customer notes, schedule field members for appointments and instantly update clients with the information about their jobs that they need to know.

The Flobot App

The Flobot app is designed to get your field team members, agents, engineers and tradespeople out in the field to the right job and on time.

Navigate to address

Navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function. Send that information to your client and they can see where your guy is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Uber.

Take notes and photos to build a report

Once your field team member has arrived they can check into the job so the office knows they have started work. You can bill by the hour if you want with the built in timer. But you may just want to complete, create a job sheet and attach some pictures.

Get a customer signature

Attach your 3rd party apps, pdfs, certificates to the job sheet and then get the all important signature for the office so they can bill straight away - or create an invoice in the field.

A flexible field service app

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field members are and what they are doing at any time.

Free trial for Flobot ( 10 minutes )

Flobot is so simple to use that you can have your business up and running on it in 10 minutes. What are you waiting for?