The stage system is unique to Flobot


Work-flow managed by stage

There is nothing quite like the traffic light system that is Flobot Stageflo. It allows you to manage multiple orders simply by seeing what stage they are at and what colour that stage is. So, green for OK, red for warning, and amber for 'have a look'.

Flobot helps you to manage the order right from the start. From entering an initial enquiry right through to completing the job and finally accepting the payment. The stages move along automatically when certain events are triggered such as a deposit registered but at each stage the user can intervene to ensure the work-flow is managed correctly.

The individual stages

All field based jobs and projects fit into one of the stages. This enables you to be certain of what has happened before and what needs to happen next without having to look through all the notes.

 Flobot stageflo

  • Stage 1 - Enquiry received
  • Stage 2 - Order created
  • Stage 3 - Quote appointment booked
  • Stage 4 - Awaiting completion of quote
  • Stage 5 - Quote issued to customer
  • Stage 6 - Quote accepted by customer
  • Stage 7a - Deposit not received by customer
  • Stage 7b - Deposit received / Not required
  • Stage 8a - Works appointment booked materials not ordered
  • Stage 8b - Works appointment materials ordered / Not required
  • Stage 8c - Job in progress
  • Stage 9a - Job complete awaiting invoice from contractor
  • Stage 9b - Job complete invoice prepared
  • Stage 9c - Job complete invoice query
  • Stage 10a - Invoice sent direct to client awaiting payment
  • Stage 10b - Invoice sent to accounting software awaiting payment
  • Stage 11 - Job closed
  • Stage 12 - Quote rejected
  • Stage 13 - Order cancelled by customer
  • Stage 15 - Order cancelled by business

Flobot's special features

There are a lot of special features within Flobot, some of them are completely unique to our software and not found on any other system. And of course, we are adding new features all the time. Check back here for the new additions or click on the 'News' section of your dashboard to see what has been invented added and improved upon.

 Features that are Special

  • The search tool - A very powerful feature of Flobot that allows you to search for anything within the database with a very handy 'auto-suggest' feature
  • The job estimation tool - Allowing you to build a quote from scratch and send it to your customer via email or send a link for them to see online
  • The stageflo system - The unique Flobot Stageflo system allows you to manage multiple jobs by visually checking their status.
  • Live location tracking of field engineers - Instantly see on a map where all your field service agents are.
  • Address code look-up - Built in as standard on Flobot allows you to get the address code instantly.
  • Registering enquiries - Allows you to run a call centre, allocate sales leads and recover them in excel style list.
  • The capacity schedule - Allows you to book in a project with a client without allocating it to a specific engineer until later.
  • Built in price list for quotes - Allows you to upload a pricelist to the quote module to ake it selectable for a drop-down menu.
  • Field Team Geo-location - Show your client where your engineer is in real-time, on a map. Just like Uber.
  • Drag and drop field team schedule - Move your field eam appointments to anywhere and anyone by clickimg, draggimg and dropping.

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