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We develop software packages for field service companies and SEO marketing. They can be separate and stand alone applications but they can work together too. Those packages are Flobot, Triple CCC, FLIMO, Floquote, Floquote Plus and MessageGuru.

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Flobot - Field Service Software

Job automation software that manages clients, estimates, quotations, scheduling, invoicing and payments. Flobot is an app and an on-line cloud system. Using them together gives you total control over your jobs and staff - and keeps your customers informed and happy.

The software is designed for and used by artificial grass companies, cleaning companies, scaffolding companies, flooring companies, gardening companies, property maintenance companies, facilities maintenance companies, plumbers, gas engineers, window fitters, mobile computer repairs, electricians, landscapers, removal & man and a van services, alarm fitters and carpet fitters.

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Triple CCC

The Continuous Content Creator AKA Triple CCC is a neat little software app that writes content to your pages from your database making them dynamic and self-updating. Great for SEO and creating new and varied content to increase your rankings in the Google index.

In a nutshell as a service business you are constantly creating useful keywords when you enter the customer requirements and location into your database. This information can be used to help Google understand what services you provide and in which geographical areas of the country you offer them by posting this information into the relevant pages and sections of your website.

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FloQuote - Quotes without visits

Imagine being able to get an accurate estimate out to your client without ever visiting the property. Think about how much time and fuel this would save over a month or a year. And think about how many of those quotes you send actually turn into orders. The industry standard is 1 in 3. So 2 journeys wasted often from people who just wanted a ball-park price in the first place.

e-quote is a brand new application that allows you to makes estimates form information, images and videos that the client send to you. Using iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, email - whatever or however they send the information e-quote strips it out and reformats it ready for you to build a fast and accurate estimate for your client. It works with your database, your current Field Service Software, even Excel and Word documents. It will save you a lot of money.

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Floquote Plus - Hypersonic quotes

So take FloQuote and combine it with a state of the art, stand-alone quoting and estimating tool and you have Floquote. Floquote takes the information, images and videos sent by your client, formats them and builds them into a selectable template. You adjust the figures and amounts and then send it direct to your potential client via email, Whatsapp, iMessage - however you like.

Your quotes and estimates now take minutes instead of hours and you have a permanent record of each one. You never have to make a visit for that initial enquiry. Of course, once the client agrees to go ahead in principal you can make the visit then. But this method combined with this technology will save even a small Field Service Company over 400 journeys a year and that is a lot of time save and a lot of money.


FLIMO - FLobot Inventory MOdule

Rhymes with Flymo. The FLIMO is a stand-alone Inventory Software Module that works with any Field Service Software application including Flobot, of course. Specially designed for Artificial grass, carpet and flooring companies, it deals nicely with roll stock and boxes.

Track your carpet for example from the supplier to the warehouse, record batch and dye numbers, store it and locate it, cut it and work out how much is left on the roll, track it all the way to the point it is fitted into the clients property. And finally, catalogue and sell all of those rems.

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Message Guru

Messages, messages everywhere - Facebook, Whatsapp, iMessage, Google, email, texts and SMS. As a business it's hard to check every single application and respond in kind. Step in MessageGuru.

MessageGuru sees all messages, connects to all your messaging applications and pulls them into one neat portal so you can respond to them. New client? No problem. MessageGuru has Artificial Intelligence which allows it to strip out names, addresses and emails to create a new record. And it even integrates with your favourite CRM, database or software application. So now you can keep a record of all the conversations you have with your customers.

Award winning

Yes, we have even won an award. In fact in 2018 Flobot has been selected by CV Magazine as the 'Best Cloud-Based Field Job Management Platform 2018'. Not bad as we were selected over 25 competitors.

In their words - 'Designed by our research team, the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards have been designed in order to recognise and celebrate professionals and companies across the globe who have gone above and beyond to maintain leadership in their industry, innovate and achieve outstanding results compared to their peers.' Great. And then we won it again in 2019. And this year we won 'Best Field Service Job Management Solution: Flobot 2020'. Super.

So basically - we're good, some say the best. And everyone else knows it too - and now so do you.

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Fresh Milk Software

What has it got to do with milk?

The simple answer to this question is - nothing. It has absolutely nothing to do with milk. We just thought it would be something different from calling it anything to do with what it is - which of course is Field Service Automation Software. And which sounds very, very boring. Its a question we answer many times each day and we are very sorry we did it. But the logo is pretty cool.

The application is called 'Flobot' that is an amalgamation of 'Flow' for work-flow and 'Robot' which is to do with automation. So now you know.

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