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Automation software for managing flooring companies and carpet shops

This is a special page that will show you how to use Flobot to manage your flooring company or carpet shop. The videos are designed to teach you how to use each part of the system and can be used for training the admin staff, estimators and floor fitters who are going to lay carpets and hard floors maybe domestically or commercially.

Spend the time here to go through the videos and train yourself to use the system properly. Come back here as many times as you need to for reference. The more time you spend practicing the more you will get out of the system.

Think of this as basic training. All soldiers need training before they are allowed to use firearms. Flobot is a powerful weapon. Train hard and use it to obliterate your competition.

A series of 'how to use' videos for Flobot Flooring software

Follow each video to get a better understanding and training on how to use Flobot for your flooring company.

How to order materials in Flobot

We can order materials in Flobot by using what we call the Supplier sheet. The supplier sheet is taken from the original quote and then we select what supplies we need to order from our suppliers. An email is created and we send it off. We can see when it is read by the supplier and then get an understanding of when the materials are likely to arrive so we can tell our client when we are going to order them.

How to make a quote for Amtico

This video shows you how to use Flobot to make a what is a complicated flooring quote for an Amtico floor into a very quick estimate to send to the customer. The details have come in from the customer via Whatsapp. Most likely they are going to waste your time and they they just want a price so you don;t want to spend too much time on it but you need it to be pretty accurate because if they do want to take it further they will complain if you need to add a lot more charges.

How to book a project in Flobot

Once you have ordered the supplies for your project you need to book in some dates in the diary or schedule for the job to actually be done. This video shows you how to book in a carpet fitter to go and do the job and the emails that are sent along with that booking. And then to move the stage to the correct one so the work-flow process is maintained.