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Automation software for managing scaffold companies and jobs

This is a special page that will show you how to use Flobot to manage your scaffolding business. The videos are designed to teach you how to use each part of the system and can be used for training the admin staff, estimators and scaffolders who are going to erect the scaffold.

Spend the time here to go through the videos and train yourself to use the system properly. Come back here as many times as you need to for reference. The more time you spend practising the more you will get out of the system.

Think of this as basic training. All soldiers need training before they are allowed to use firearms. Flobot is a powerful weapon. Train hard and use it to obliterate your competition.

A series of 'how to use' videos for Flobot Scaffold

Follow each video to get a better understanding and training on how to use Flobot for your scaffolding company.

How to add a new job and site

How to add a new job and site to an existing client in Flobot. You may have many existing clients in your scaffold database or CRM that you do a lot of regular work with. They many have multiple sites across the City or Country. The job will take place at a site but the invoice for that job is paid for by the account holder or accounts payable at Head Office.

This video shows you how to create a new site in the system where a new scaffold needs to be erected.

Then it shows you how to make a new order or new job for that site.

How to make a new customer enquiry

You may have someone cal up that is not an existing client. A brand new customer that you have no record of the that wants you to erect a scaffold for them. Yes, really it does happen!

In this scenario you are going to need to take all their details into the Flobot CRM (database) system. Name, address (to search for with the postcode look-up software), the company they represent - or not if they are a potential domestic customer, their email address where they might receive a quote, the nature of their enquiry, where they found the details of our company, other contact numbers. We may also want to add documents and images.

This video explains how to do all of this in Flobot.

How to schedule scaffolders

Sooner or later you are going to want to use Flobot to schedule a scaffolder, an estimator or indeed a scaffolding team to go and build a scaffold at a site somewhere.

This video shows you how to find the Field Team Member (FTM), estimator or scaffolder you want and then put an appointment in their diary. You can send an SMS text message and an email to the customer at the same time to tell them who is coming and when and how to get hold of them.

The video also shows you how to move an appointment or job from one team to another or one scaffolder to another. And once you do that the appointment will instantly go into the field team members app.