Bespoke software creation for Field Service Management SaaS

What sets Fresh Milk Software apart is our willingness and ability to code bespoke features and projects for individual clients. Flobot as a flexible and highly configurable platform but it can’t cater for every process in every company in every Country.

In some cases you may have a process or feature which you feel is necessary to run your business the way you want it to. You probably can’t find any software that has it and you can’t find it in Flobot either. In this instance we can create a bespoke feature or process for you. Talk to us to and we will scope out the project and give you a fixed price to complete it.

What will it cost?

While creating a bespoke piece of software is never cheap, it might just be more affordable than you think – give us a call to talk it over. You can either afford it or you can’t.

Ferguson Flooring and Flobot case study

Ferguson Flooring are based in Dumbarton, just outside Glasgow. They supply and fit quality flooring across Scotland. They have an excellent reputation for quality and service.

Ross Ferguson, Managing Director says 'The quoting software in Flobot has helped us get our estimates out to the client much faster than we could in the past. That we can now track them and chase the client's for a decision has increased our closure ratio by 40%. Regardless of the other benefits that using Flobot has brought to the business, particularly the invoicing, this feature alone has had a dramatic impact on the sales of Fergsuon Flooring.'

Now you can quote on the go

Easy to use quoting tools built in. You've made the appointment, met the customer, assessed the work and now they need a quote or estimate. Flobot enables you to quickly and easily turn an opportunity into a job with intuitive and easy to use tools allowing you to set your costs and mark-ups. Quotes are issued in customizable slick and professional looking templates via PDF, making your quote stand out out from your competitors.

Manage your pipeline

It's great to be able to get your potential customers a quote out quickly, but all too often that's the last you ever hear of them because it can be hard to identify who to chase and when. Flobot allows you to manage your quotations and estimates, see how long they've been outstanding and even whether they have been read by your customers. You can track your conversion ratios, profit margins and forecast all from a simple to use interface.

Building quotes and estimates is a breeze!

Flobot lets you build quotes quickly and easily, by setting your cost price, adding a mark-up and changing quantities of materials or labour. Flobot instantly updates your quote and even works out the tax and profit for you. You can create your own quotation templates to speed up the process even further. One click and your quote is instantly e-mailed to your potential client.

Make it simple for customers to accept quotes

Thanks to Flobot's clever quoting system every quote that you issue contains a prominent decision making tool for your customer, allowing them to quickly and easily inform you of their decision, whether it's an 'Accept' or a 'Reject'. Selecting 'Accept' prompts your customer to pay a deposit if required using a credit or debit card, and selecting 'Reject' allows you to place that all important call to try and save your quote.

Relax. Now your field team can now build quotes for you

You can select an option for all of your quotes to be built by your office based team, or allow your field team to build their quote and send it over to the office to add mark-ups, sales material and more. Now you can choose to share the parts of the quotes you're best at - estimating prices and times, or experimenting with pricing and sales - it's so flexible.

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