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Award winning

Yes, we have even won an award. In fact in 2018 Flobot was selected by CV Magazine as the 'Best Cloud-Based Field Job Management Platform 2018'. Not bad as we were selected over 25 competitors.

In their words - 'Designed by our research team, the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards have been designed in order to recognise and celebrate professionals and companies across the globe who have gone above and beyond to maintain leadership in their industry, innovate and achieve outstanding results compared to their peers.'

So yes - we're good, some say the best. So ask us for a demo.

Why a demo instead of a trial?

A demo will show you how to software works in around 20 minutes. You will know very quickly if this is the software for you or at least if you want to pursue it further.

Then you won't have to spend any time learning how to use a new piece of software that you might not want to purchase after all. Because we are all busy aren't we?

So book a demo and afterwards let's talk.

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Red 911

No, no really I want a trial

OK, so Flobot is a 911 and you don't have a driving license. Really, you are not fit to drive this without having some instruction. All joking aside, we have done this for a long time. We will spend many hours customising the software for your business and training your staff to use it and we are going to know each other very well by the end of it. So let's spend some time seeing if we get on and if we can help you before you go and crash our Porsche.

Got a minute? Here's why you need Flobot


Quotes and estimates get built super fast, get to your clients instantly and look great. Makes you look great.

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Send your invoice now. And install the payment gateway to get paid in real-time. Stop chasing your invoices today.

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Schedule visits for quotes or jobs, send text messages to your customers to confirm. Get organized.

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Keep details of all customer interactions, phone numbers and email addresses. Start building a client base.

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