The job estimation tool


The job estimation tool

Allowing you to build a very good-looking quote with as much or as little detail displayed to the client as you wish. Build up quantities and line items in a logical, linear format. Break out totals into materials and labour or define them yourself. The totals are added up as you go along and the sales tax added automatically.

Add a template with your logo and contact details and your quote is ready to send to your client in no time at all. And as making quotes and estimates are the number one time-consuming gripe for all field service companies - the faster they are done - the better.


Flobot job estimation special features


Advanced quote features

There are lots of extra things you can do with this quote. The most important is to preview it and that allows you to send it to multiple recipients.

 Search Help

  • View order - Go back to the original order this quote is attached to
  • Add an estimated completion date - Tell the customer when you expect to finish the job
  • Show / Hide site address - You may want to show the or hide the site address form the client
  • Mark the quote as accepted - Allowing you to accept the quote on behalf of the customer and change the stage order to 'Quote Accepted'
  • Mark this quote as rejected - Allowing you to reject the quote on behalf of the customer and take the quote out of the quotation flow
  • Reset accepted rejected status - Put the state of the quote back to unknown
  • Re-allocate this order - Give it the order to someone else
  • Preview quote - Allows you to give the quote a final check before sending it to the client
  • Show quote log - Flobot keeps a log of every change made to the quote, who changed it, when and when it was sent to the client on each occasion
  • Show quote notes - Keep notes here about the quote that you do not wish to share with the client
The list of quotations sent to customers


A list of every quote you ever sent

Once you've built those quotes it is very useful to have a record of them. And that is what's great about Flobot. It keeps a record of every single one of them - and that's useful because you can now chase them up to see if they are going to buy anything from you.

With Flobot's unique visual stage system you can easily and quickly see whether they have indeed purchased or whether you need to make a sales call.

Total revenue, total profit, whe it was sent, who sent and eve if it has been opened and looked at. All this at your fingertips.

An example of a quote built on Flobot


The estimate sent to the customer

Rendered beautifully of course, but there is more to this quote than meets the eye. Look carefully and you will see the options for the client to reply straight back to you electronically. And then you will get a message telling you that (hopefully) your customer has accepted the quote.

Even better, it means they can electronically accept your terms and conditions - very useful in the unlikely event that there is a dispute between the parties.


Flobot's special features

There are a lot of special features within Flobot, some of them are completely unique to our software and not found on any other system. And of course, we are adding new features all the time. Check back here for the new additions or click on the 'News' section of your dashboard to see what has been invented added and improved upon.

 Features that are Special

  • The search tool - A very powerful feature of Flobot that allows you to search for anything within the database with a very handy 'auto-suggest' feature
  • The job estimation tool - Allowing you to build a quote from scratch and send it to your customer via email or send a link for them to see on-line
  • The stageflo system - The unique Flobot Stageflo system allows you to manage multiple jobs by visually checking their status.
  • Live location tracking of field engineers - Instantly see on a map where all your field service agents are.
  • Address code look-up - Built in as standard on Flobot allows you to get the address code instantly.
  • Registering enquiries - Allows you to run a call centre, allocate sales leads and recover them in excel style list.
  • The capacity schedule - Allows you to book in a project with a client without allocating it to a specific engineer until later.
  • Built in price list for quotes - Allows you to upload a price-list to the quote module to make it selectable for a drop-down menu.
  • Field Team Geo-location - Show your client where your engineer is in real-time, on a map. Just like Uber.
  • Drag and drop field team schedule - Move your field team appointments to anywhere and anyone by clicking, dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple calendars - Combine calendars and schedules, show all estimators, engineers, types and teams and make a short cut for navigation.

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