The electronic jobsheet

Replacing paper jobsheets in the field has to be one of the goals of any field based service business. You never have to replace an electronic job sheet, they don't get lost, they are never left at home and everyone who needs to, can see them as soon as they are created.

Collating all the information

The e-jobsheet wraps everything into a nice pdf that can be sent to everyone that needs to know. But even this isn't really necessary with Flobot because everyone who needs to know has access through the system, the client portal or the Field Team Members portal. None-the-less pdfs are simple and easy to email and provide a permanent record of the job details.

Pictures, signature, notes

Your electronic jobsheet can contain pictures of the job, notes taken, signatures from the customer and even a geo-located, time stamp - with a map of where it was signed. It is an infallible record of the job or service that has taken place.

What does it all mean?

It means reduced costs and increased efficiency in management talk. In everyone else's language it just makes life a little easier.

Works offline

Flobot Field has been designed from day one to work without a connection - not forever of course, but it will save everything until you are connected. That's what Flobot is all about - bulletproof communication for field and office staff combining old and new technologies to ensure delivery, post, email, SMS, mobile - it's all covered.

Flobot is the app for job management in field

The Flobot app is for those who work outside the office 'in the field' - but most likely in a van. So if that's you, it gives you everything you need to do you job - the customer's address - which it will navigate you to, the details of the job, the telephone numbers and email address. Press a button and it will send an sms to your customer to tell them when you will arrive.

Voice recognition for easy note taking

In combination with Android's voice recognition capabilities, Flobot allows you to speak directly into your smart phone or tablet to update job notes. It's great for slow typers and you'll be amazed at how quick and accurate it is. The notes will be added to the client's record. You can even add pictures and video to upload directly to Flobot so that your office team can see exactly what's happening on site.

Capture signatures and payments instantly

You'll know that in business, getting your customer to sign-off work that's been completed is an important way of protecting revenue and avoiding disputes. Flobot app allows you to capture these signatures electronically and transmit them alongside the job data safely and securely.

Built in geo-location tools

Thanks to Flobot app's built in, secure GPS functionality, you can see where all of your field team members are in real time on a map. The 'En-route' button lets client know that your field team member is on their way by sending an SMS, and it will even calculate their ETA. Every check in and check out is geo-location stamped so you'll always be sure that your engineer is at the right place at the right time.

Certificates, documents and images

Many service industry sectors require completion of certificates, such as Gas Safety Certificates or Waste Transfer Documents and these have historically been paper based and cumbersome. If you have an app for them just attach them to Flobot and send them into the office. It means you can ditch the triplicate pad and complete your certificates and documents electronically. Simple, efficient and quick.

Free trial for Flobot ( 10 minutes )

Flobot is simple to learn but why not save time? Find out it will work for you with a real-time demo. What are you waiting for?