Mobile payment app

Create an invoice and take payment

In the app! Wow! On a phone?! Incredible.

OK, fair enough, this was big news five years ago but it's still neat and it's still useful.

In fact, there are many different ways to create invoices and take payments with Flobot. One of them is to do in in the field at the client site. It might even just be for extra charges that need to be added to a pre-existing quote.

Whatever it's for it is easy to do. The app has a section in it for charges. You add them, the total is made the tax is allocated and the invoice is sent.

Even better, if you have the payment gateway set-up then you can take a card payment in the app. Simple as that and now there is never a good excuse to not get paid.

Why get paid in the field at all?

We are big advocates of the office and the field teams working symbiotically (great word had to get it in there!). The office team - or rather these days maybe we should call it the admin team, takes care of all the admin functions of the business to enable the field engineers or Field Team Members as we like to call them, to get on and actually do the job for the client. That means doing it and getting out as fats as possible onto the next one sending just a job-sheet to confirm that the job has been completed.

But sometimes there are extra charges that need to be added, extra items that have been fitted or collected and you wnt to add that to the invoice without calling the office. And maybe you just want to take an extra payment for these items right away. So, the Flobot app provides the flexibility to do that - even if you don;t do it all the time.

A menu on blackboard

From the price list to the app

Another one of the many thousands of super-cool features in Flobot! The app accesses the internal price list you have in the Flobot system, the menu of prices for your services, materials, fixed price items or rates - if you will. So, upload all your price lists in here and add a mark-up to give the correct price to the client.

Then when you are on-site the app has all the prices you are likely to charge for every item. So, you will never be stuck for a price.

And you can even update the price list from the handset too.

Take cards, cheques or cash

If you really do want to take a payment in the field then Flobot is at least flexible. You can take a card payment, take an image of a cheque and reconcile it in the app, reconcile a BACS or banks transfer and even take cash.

Yes cash! How old fashioned is that!?

A pile of cash


REPRAINING OF DEEP FRIEGE,WATER COOLAR,AIR CONDITION,WASHING MACHINE.. Repairing, maintaining and installing deep freezes, air conditioning units and washing machines across New Dehli means that Simran Refrigeration requires an app to help them bet paid straight away when they have finished the job.

We have been using the Flobot to take money form the customers for many years now. We know much we should be getting back from the engineers now when they have collected the money. It is a very good system that have stopped us losing money and we are saving a lot of money.

Mittu Balendran - Simran Refrigeration.

Create an invoice.. the customer's site! Flobot Field makes creating an invoice easy. Break down the invoice into parts and labour and a pre-defined list of items if you wish, put in the quantities and Flobot calculates it all for you adding the sales tax if you charge it.

Send it to the office

So, now you have created the invoice it attaches to the job sheet and it goes off with your pictures and anything else you might have added to the the office for processing.

Pre-loaded charges

Flobot Field comes with a nice set of pre-defined charges, such as parking, congestion charge and various certificates. But you can add whatever you like in the settings.

So what?

It means you don't have to use paper invoicing anymore. No more triple-ply duplication sheets, the app can never run out of them. You don't need to speak to the office to create the invoice and you can get off to your next task. It's all about saving time.

Take payment

Make an invoice, take payment in the app and instantly sen your client a receipt. No more paperwork when you get home. Awesome.

Works offline

Can't get a connection? Don't panic. Flobot stores the information on your phone so you will be able to use the app even if you can't get a signal. And when you do get one, it will sync with the server automatically and send the invoice off to where it belongs.

Free trial for Flobot ( 10 minutes )

Flobot is simple to learn but why not save time? Find out it will work for you with a real-time demo. What are you waiting for?