Monthly field team engineer schedule in Flobot

Drag and drop field team schedules for engineers and estimators

Flobot makes it easy to schedule your engineers and estimators and even easier to move them from different slots to different days and even different engineers.

And you can see combined calendars and individual schedules over years, months, weeks and days. That makes it simple to see where to make your next appointment for a project, a delivery, a collection, a quote or whatever you might want to schedule.

Individual field team engineer schedule in Flobot

Make the colours anything you want

In the combined schedule you can assign a colour to a team or individual to make it easy to see who is doingwhat and when.

In the individual schedule the colours of the slots represent the types of appointment. Make them anything you like. They can represent quotes and estimates, projects, collections, deliveries, remedials, dismantling for scafoolds etc. Whatever it is you can determine what needs to be done quickly.

Weekly field team engineer schedule in Flobot

Schedule the job for any time

Make the slots as big or a small as you like, a day, an hour, 15 minutes or a whole week of work.

As soon as you create them in the schedule they appear immediately in the engineer's or Field Team Member's (FTM) app. And the colours will represent the same thing in both displays, so no-one will get confused.

Drag the appointment and drop it in Flobot

Drag the appointment out and drop it where you want

If the client changes their mind as they often do or you just need to move the appointment, then click kt and drag it to the slot you want.

Or drag and drop it into the schedule of another Field Team Member or team. If that engineer or FTM isn't able or capable of doing the type of work assigned, don't worry. Flobot will simply tell you whether you can or you can't assign it.

The Flobot schedule is easy to use, simple to learn, flexible and powerful. Go here to learn more about the Flobot schedule and see videos of how it works in action.

 Features that are Special

  • The search tool - A very powerful feature of Flobot that allows you to search for anything within the database with a very handy 'auto-suggest' feature
  • The job estimation tool - Allowing you to build a quote from scratch and send it to your customer via email or send a link for them to see online
  • The stageflo system - The unique Flobot Stageflo system allows you to manage multiple jobs by visually checking their status.
  • Live location tracking of field engineers - Instantly see on a map where all your field service agents are.
  • Address code look-up - Built in as standard on Flobot allows you to get the address code instantly.
  • Registering enquiries - Allows you to run a call centre, allocate sales leads and recover them in excel style list.
  • The capacity schedule - Allows you to book in a project with a client without allocating it to a specific engineer until later.
  • Built in price list for quotes - Allows you to upload a pricelist to the quote module to ake it selectable for a drop-down menu.
  • Field Team Geo-location - Show your client where your engineer is in real-time, on a map. Just like Uber.
  • Drag and drop field team schedule - Move your field eam appointments to anywhere and anyone by clickimg, draggimg and dropping.
  • Multiple calendars - Combine calendars and schedules, show all estimators, engineers, types and teams and make a short cut for navigation.

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