Flobot | Scheduling, quotes and work-flow software

Flobot is field service job automation software. Organize your sales leads, estimates, quotations, scheduling, invoicing, payments, manage your customers and multiple sites and track your assets. Flobot is an app and an online cloud system. Using them together gives you total control over your jobs and staff - and keeps your customers informed and happy.

Flobot allows your company to maximize profit and reduce administration overhead. It is used by scaffold companies, facilities maintenance companies, plumbers, gas engineers, gardeners, property maintenance companies, cleaners & maid services, mobile computer repairs, electricians, flooring companies, landscapers, removal & man and a van services, alarm fitters and carpet fitters across the United States of America. Some people call it the ultimate software for tradespeople. We call it Flobot and in the US you can find out all about it here: Fresh Milk Software USA.

Got a minute? So, here's why you need Flobot


Build quotes and estimates super fast and get them to your clients instantly. Makes you look great.

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Send your invoice now - right away. And install the payment gateway to get paid in real-time, right now.

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Schedule visits for estimates or jobs, send text messages to your customers to confirm. Get organized.

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Keep details of all customer interactions, phone numbers and email addresses. Start building a client base.

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What is different about Flobot?

Flobot is a feature reach, configurable platform and can be used 'out of the box' - just like the hundred other Field Service Job Management SaaS companies you have looked at.

What sets us apart is our ability to customize Flobot to our client's exact requirements with bespoke coding, allowing them to have their own 'instance' of the software - a fully tailored software package created to effectivel just for you.

No-one else offers that service at a price that anyone outside a blue-chip can afford. Talk to us about it.


The App

Flobot Field is designed to get your field team members, agents, fitters, engineers and tradespeople to the right job at the right time.

Navigate to address

Navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function then send that information to your client so they can see where your guy or gal is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Uber.

Find your team

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field team is and what they are doing (or not!) at any time.

Make notes and photos to build a report

Once your field team member has arrived they can check into the job so the office knows they have started work. You can bill by the hour if you want with the built in timer. But you may just want to complete the job, create an electronic sheet and attach some pictures.

Get the customer's signature

Attach your 3rd party apps, pdfs, certificates to the job sheet if you wish and then get the all important signature for the office so they can bill straight away - or create an invoice in the field.

Alpen Technology Group - our partner on the West Coast

We work closely with out partner Alpen Technology Group to deliver Flobot on the West Coast. Alpen Technology Group offers a wide range of IT Services, Solutions, and Consulting to businesses and Non-Profit entities. Growing a business requires technology that works for you, not against you. They've been providing businesses with the latest technology solutions and outstanding support for over 10 years. Give them a call to discover how Flobot can improve your business.

See what Alpen Technology Group can do for your company.

What our customers say...

Dana Kuczynski President WTF Electrical San Diego

'I didn't realize how much we needed this software until we bought it. In every department it has made our company better, more professional and enabled us to give better service to our customers. Buying it was the smartest decision I have made since I started the company. '

KP Plumbing Boston, Brian McMann Business Owner

I knew what I needed and I tried a lot of software. I couldn't find what I wanted but then I came across Flobot and not only was it the easiest to use but it did everything I needed to and more I hadn't even thought about. It just works and you should buy it.

ffa USA

Flobot Field app

Flobot works on any device, laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone anywhere in India and as it is browser based and hosted in the cloud, if you don't want to use the app or need the extra features found on the system you can always access it through a browser in any device.

And what's more Flobot is completely customizable to your own brand. In fact, Flobot is the only field service property maintenance software in the USA that you can 'white label'. So, your customers and contractors need never know that you didn't build your own bespoke field service software - you can even have your own version of the Flobot Field app in the Google Playstore!

A 3 minute video on the
simplicity of Flobot Field app

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Flobot costs

monthly pricing

Flobot comes in 2 sizes. Flobot for small companies (Flobot Atom) and Flobot for bigger companies (Flobot Enterprise). They share a lot of features but as the complexity in your company increases so does the need for more sophistication, resources and training in your job management software.

We think this arises at about 30 users and below that threshold we have Flobot Atom and above it we have Flobot Enterprise Flobot Enterprise is Price upon Application.

1 to 5 users

$125 per month

From quoting and scheduling to invoicing, Flobot Atom will run your service business operations beautifully.
Optional SMS and zip code look-ups.
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6 to 10 users

$225 per month

With Flobot Atom the more users you have the cheaper per user it gets. A user is anyone who interacts with the system in the office or the field.
Optional payment gateway integrations. *
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11 to 15 users

$299 per month

On average a company using Flobot saves £24,000 per year. That is the price of one member of office staff. *
Build a quote in the app.
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16 to 29 users

$499 per month

Flobot never stands still. It is updated, developed and improved every day using the feedback we get from our customers.
Optional SMS and zip code look-ups.
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30 users +


Welcome to Flobot Enterprise. A whole host of advanced features and settings are waiting to take your company to the next level.
White label and bespoke coding.
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Multiple options

As and when

Flobot is software like no other. Flexible and customizable it can be coded to make it work the way you want it to for your business.
Have your own bespoke version on your servers.
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* To use Flobot's Payment Gateway you will need a SagePay subscription.

* A user is defined as anyone who has password access to the field app or system.

* Survey based on 12 Flobot Atom and Enterprise Customers 2017.

* All prices exclude VAT and Sales Tax