Flobot Academy Day Five - Lesson 7 - adding the field team

1 lesson today on how to add and configure your Field Team Members so they can be selected in the schedule.
This will take you less than 10 minutes to learn.


Adding a field team member to Flobot


Add a new team member

You need to be able to add a Field Team Member to Flobot so they can be selected for a job or an appointment in the schedule.

Select 'Field Resources' from the top navigation menu - but remember you may have opted to call this something else - for example 'Gardeners' or 'Cleaners'.

The team Member form


Add new team member form

Fill out the form with the details of the new field member. It is fairly self explanitory but be aware of what these mean:

  • Introducing Manager - who is responsible for this team member.
  • Employment status - Sub-contractor or employed. Flobot allows you to account for the costs of either scenario.
  • Priority - This is the priority the Field member will have in the schedule. i.e. '1' will be presented first for selection.
  • Appointment throttle and quote throttle - Flobot allows you to set limits on the amount of work a field member can be given. Set these to 'unlimited' to begin with'.
  • Enable FTM slots and Auto-populate slots - Flobot allows you to block out the diary of a field team member if they only work for you sporadically. It stops them being automatically presented in the schedule for work without consulting them. For the moment select 'Yes' for both of these.
  • Coverage area - This is the distance from the address that the field team member can work.

Don't forget to 'Validate' the address. This is because Flobot needs to know the correct address of the field team member so it can decide whether he or she is near enough to make an appointment they have been selected for.

Now press 'Save' and an email will be sent to the new member with a system generated password that they can change the first time the log into the system. This login is also used for the Flobot Field App.

The field resources page in Flobot


The field resoures page

The page displayed above allows you to add further information about the field team member. It also displays all the jobs and projects that member has worked on, payments that they are owed or have been paid, passports, identity documents, professional accediations and even a picture.

But most importantly for the set-up, it is where you add or take away the skillset of the field team member. So if he or she can't do the job they won't appear in the schedule. This allows you to manage large teams because you are only presented with the most relevant resources based on distance, skill-set and weighting.

Selecting skills in Flobot


Selecting skills in Flobot

Selecting or de-selecting skills is done from this table in the image above. Once the skills are saved the engineer or field resource will appear in the schedule when they are required.

End of today's lesson

Add as many field team members as you need to. Remember that they will automatically receive an email with their login and they can reset their own lost passwords but you can control their logins and passwords from this screen.

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