Flobot Academy Day Four - Lesson 6 - creating a quote

2 lessons today on adding charges, sending invoices and taking payments.
They should take no more than 10 minutes each to learn.


How to create a quote


How to create a quote for a customer

Flobot makes it simple to create quotes and estimates. The advantage of creating them on Flobot is that you can work out your costs at the same time, send them directly to the customer and keep a record of who has seen the quote.

On the left naviagtaion screen select 'Quotes' the click the '+' sign to create a new quote.

Estimated tme to complete


Brief description of job

Fill in a brief description of the job and how long it is likely to take. This information is useful to your customer and is the sort of thing that saves you dealing with a phone call or an email about it.

Adding quote information in Flobot


Adding quote information

Now you can add line items to your quote. Click the '+' symbol to open up a line item.

Line item detail in Flobot


Showing the customer information

Now this screen looks complex but its actually very simple. You can choose whether to show the price of this line to the customer or not. Then use the click down boxes to determine what kind of cost it is.

All the costs


All the costs have been added

Once all the costs have been added you will see that Flobot has totaled everything up and even asked for a deposit amount.

Write a description


Add a description

Tell the customer what you are going to do by adding a description of works. Add pictures or even just cut and paste this information from a template.

Previewing the quote


Preview the quote

When you are happy with everything click 'Preview the quote' to give it a final check and see what the customer will see. Notice here that there are 2 other options to just create an invoice from the quote or create charges. Don't worry about these now but they speed up your invoicing process after the job has been done.

Sending the quote


Send the quote

Now send the quote to the customer. Job done.

An excellent quote example

An example of the quote

This is an example of what the customer gets. Note that they can accept the quote electronically. If that happens you will get an email telling you that this quote has been accepted and take the next steps - probably taking a deposit and making an appointment for the project - and you know how to do these already.

Watch the video of how to build a quote or estimate

What no video? Click here and find it on youtube

End of today's lesson

Practice making lots of quotes and sending them to yourself to see how they look. You can always have a look at the advanced course on quotes and estimates. And as for the templates and adding your terms and banners - contact your account manager for this.

Come back tomorrow for Flobot academy day five.

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