Flobot Academy Day Two - Lessons 2 and 3 - Scheduling

2 lessons today on scheduling that should take no more than 10 minutes each to learn.



The Order Overview Screen

Once you have created an order you are immediately taken to the 'Order Overview' screen. From here you can control and see everything about this particular order. Notice the search bar in the top left. This is a very useful part of the system. Type customers names, order numbers, telephone numbers, postcodes, zip codes in here to find your customer.

Order Overview screen on Flobot


Making an appointment for a field visit.

On the left hand side of the screen is the navigation menu for this order. Don't worry about anything else at the moment, just select the 'Appointments' button. You will now come to a screen where you can see any previously booked appointments and add another. Click the '+' button on the right.

Clicking the add new appointment button


Selecting the engineer (FTM)

Now select the engineer, estimator, team or FTM you wish to book for this appointment and their schedule will appear.

Select an engineer


Selecting the time for an appointment

Now select the engineer or estimator you wish to book for this appointment and a time you would like them to go. In this case we are using a 2 hour slot system (the default) so we are going to select a time slot for them.

Select a slot for an appointment


Selecting the type of appointment

Now it is time to book an appointment for someone to visit your customer. There are lots of options 3 options, the 3 most used are:

  1. Quote or estimate - book an appointment to go and give the client a quote
  2. Book a job or a project
  3. Recurring - make an appointment that happens regularly


Select the appointment type


Selecting the type of appointment

For this example we will select 'Quote or estimate' and select a time for the 'engineer' to go and visit the customer. If we like we can tell Flobot how long we think the meeting will last - then he can fit another in the hourly slot. But we don't have to (in the setting you can make the slot sizes any time. i.e daily, half day, 2 hours etc).

On the right hand side you have options for sending messages about the appointment to the field engineer and the customer. Mostly the field engineer will have the information in the app anyway but the customr can receive iformation about who is arriving, when and the telpehone numbers to get in contact with them.

SMS messages to the client for appointment times


Here is how that looks in the schedule once you have submitted it.

Flobot quote appointment on schedule


Job or project appointments

The 'Job or Project' appointments work exactly the same. You just might need to select more slots and dates.

Schedule and job or project screen Flobot


Here is how that looks in the schedule once you have submitted it. And notice that in the global schedule above it has appeared in green. If you look carefully at Boris' (The engineer's) schedule colour - yes, that's right, it's green. So, you can assign a colour to an FTM and then quickly see who it is in the schedule from their colour. But we digress...

Flobot job appointment on schedule



Congratulations! You have made your first appointment

Once you have made the appointment it will instantly appear in the app for your Field Team Member (FTM) to see and of course they can use Google maps to navigate to the customer.


The Flobot app screen

The app appointment screen

And here is what your engineer will see (for an quote or estimate for example. Go here to see how the Flobot app works.

Watch the video of how to make an appointment

What no video? Click here and find it on youtube

Flobot Academy Day Two - Lesson 3 - Recurring appointments

Learn how to make an appointment that happens again and again.

Recurring appointments

Often you need to create a regular appointment that might happen at a certain time every week, month or even year. We call this a 'Recurring Appointment'. Here's how to make one.

As you will see all the other types of appointment in the schedule work exactly the same, they have different labels because the colours are different in the schedule for easy reference. The only one that works differently is the recurring appointment. It's still easy though, just remember;

  1. Select appointment type 'Recurring'
  2. Pick the day you want to have the recurring appointment. e.g. Friday
  3. Pick when you want it to recur. e.g Weekly
  4. Then how many times in a week. e.g. Once
  5. Then how long you want it to last for
  6. Hit the submit button

How to make recurring appointments in Flobot


Here is how that looks in the schedule once you have submitted it. As we set it in the appointment screen for a 'Once, daily, recurring 3 times' that is exactly what it has done and we can see them side by side here.

Flobot recurring appointment on schedule


Most recurring appointments happen on the same day every week, bi-weekly or monthly. This is a key feature where Flobot excels in it's simplicity (just sayin'!). Just select a recurring time frame (e.g. weekly) and a day in the schedule and the appointment will recur on the same day every week.

Watch the video of how to make a recurring appointment

What no video? Click here and find it on youtube

The fast way to make calendar appointments in Flobot

What no video? Click here and find it on youtube

Extra bonus video! How to move appointments between schedules

What no video? Click here and find it on youtube

End of todays lesson

Practice making lots of appointments for your field team. So, making recurring appointments, jobs and quotes. They are all colour-coded in the schedule so you can quickly see who is going where and for what. Find tomorrow's lesson here.

Get ready for day three of the academy.

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