Built in card processing software

Don't rely on the good grace of your customer to get paid. Take control of the payment. You've provided the service and now you should be recompensed. Flobot has built in card processing software. Take a card payment from your customer in the field or in the office. Securely store card details for future payments, save time and increase your cash-flow, today.

Estimating and quoting software

Get estimates and quotations out to your customers quickly with Flobot's built in quotation module which uses the stored details of your customers. Saves a lot of double entry. Track all the quotes and estimates you send, discover your closing ratios and improves them to make more money. And now using the PostMark system you can ensure they are delivered to your intended recipient.

Engineer scheduling software

Send the right contractors and engineers to the right clients at the right time. Flobot differentiates between jobs and quote appointments with a colour coded system. And it sends an email and an SMS text message to make sure your customer is informed of the appointment and what has been agreed. It will send one to your contractor too.

Invoicing software for tradesmen

Invoices need to be sent out accurately and quickly to ensure fast payment form your clients. DOn't wait and miss a payment cycle. Flobot allows you to create and send invoices from the office or the field. Install the payment gateway and you can even send a payment link for them to pay with a debit or credit card online.

Business reporting software

When you need to know how your business is doing Flobot makes it easy. The dashboard gives you a high level overview of how it's running. More details can be provided by drilling down into every area of your business. Profit, costs, turnover, quote closure ratio, number of outstanding invoices and value, appointments per week, jobs per month, average order values. Whatever you need it is at your fingertips.

CRM customer database

Sometimes you might just need something as simple as a database to store your clients. And Flobot makes this easy by allowing you to upload a .csv or .xls file straight into the system to populate the database before you've even started using it.

Field service software for smart phones

Flobot works just as well if you are sitting at a desk with a mouse and keyboard as it does if you're sitting in a van with a tablet. You can even use it on a smart phone. So you can run your business from anywhere.

Integrating with other software

Flobot will send SMS message to your contractors and customers, it will use the PostMark system to ensure delivery of your quotes and invoices to the right people, it will make life easy for you by using Postcode Anywhere to find your addresses and it will talk to Xero about your accounts. And we'll keep building more integration with your favourite business software.

Got a minute? Here's why you need Flobot


The Flobot System

Hosted in the cloud and available through a browser on any device, Flobot system allows the user to control every aspect of the day to day running of the field service business. The dashboard gives real-time visibility of the jobs, the customers and the field engineers.

Using this system the user can build and send estimates, issue invoices, receive payments from debit and credit cards, make customer notes, schedule field members for appointments and instantly update clients with the information about their jobs that they need to know.

The Flobot App

The Flobot app is designed to get your field team members, agents, engineers and tradespeople out in the field to the right job and on time.

Navigate to address

Navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function. Send that information to your client and they can see where your guy is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Uber.

Take notes and photos to build a report

Once your field team member has arrived they can check into the job so the office knows they have started work. You can bill by the hour if you want with the built in timer. But you may just want to complete, create a job sheet and attach some pictures.

Get a customer signature

Attach your 3rd party apps, pdfs, certificates to the job sheet and then get the all important signature for the office so they can bill straight away - or create an invoice in the field.

A flexible field service app

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field members are and what they are doing at any time.

A 3 minute video on the
simplicity of Flobot Field app

Free trial for Flobot ( 10 minutes )

Flobot is simple to learn but why not save time? Find out it will work for you with a real-time demo. What are you waiting for?