Flobot software partners

building an eco-system of excellence

Flobot continues to integrate with carefully selected technology partners to bring even greater functionality to the professional service business.


Flobot is one of the only platforms to have an integrated payment gateway. Sagepay's online payment gateway allows you to accept debit and credit card payments securely and easily. And we also integrate with Sage Cloud.


Just as Flobot is beautiful work-flow software, Xero is beautiful accounting software. The perfect solution for online accounting, Flobot integrates fully with Xero allowing you to reconcile everything instantly. Now you really can run your entire business from anywhere.

Postmark app

Aggressive spam filters - a blessing and a curse. These days you can never be sure your email gets to your recipient - pretty irritating when you are sending your quote by email. So, Flobot uses the PostMark system which we have found ensures over 95% of all email gets delivered to the inbox.

Zoho Forms

Grasp the power of the Zoho online form builder and integrate any form you care to build directly into the Flobot app. Super quick, very powerful. Especially useful for health and safety checklists, maintenance checklists etc. Here is how we do that.


Flobot now works with the world's #1 online accounting software. Link Flobot to Quickbooks and sync both systems back and forth to ensure that all your data is bang up to date everywhere. Then you decide where you want to send your invoices from.


Send the contacts in your Flobot database email via Mailchimp. But not just ordinary emails - make them great to look at, fun and punchy. MailChimp provides marketing automation for e-commerce businesses. Send beautiful emails, connect your e-commerce store, advertise, and build your brand.


Flobot integrates with Whatsapp in a rather special way. You can keep in touch with your engineers, share information in a group, allow your clients to send images and videos directly into the CRM through Whatsapp and control the interaction between client and engineer.


Flobot works with Zapier. Zapier is a global remote company that allows end users to integrate the web applications they use and that opens up a world of opportunity for Flobot users because with some tweaking we can literally integrate with hundreds if not thousands of other software packages. Have a look here Zapier Integrations


Flobot even works with ServiceBench. Now technically ServiceBench is a competitor to Flobot but lets face it, it's not as good as Flobot for most of what it does (that's not just trash talk that's the truth!) but it is an incumbent in a lot of companies and like an in-growing toenail it's hard to get out once it's in. What is good at is Automated Claims Management and Parts Management (it is much better than Flobot at this - you see we are firm but fair) *.

* Flobot doesn't actually do Automated Claims Management and Parts Management ;)

Flobot IT integration partners

working with the best to deliver the exceptional

Fresh Milk Software works closely with our integration partners to deliver and support the platform in strategic locations.


Axonas Consulting delivers, implements and provides support for the Flobot work-flow system along with many other best of breed software solutions across India. Established in 2015 Axonas also provide consulting, outsourcing and auditing services to both SMEs and Enterprise level companies.

Alpen Technology Group

Alpen Technology Group offers a wide range of IT services, solutions and consulting in Greater Sacramento and provide the implementation, training and support for Flobot on the West Coast of the USA. They have been providing businesses with the latest technology solutions and outstanding support for over 10 years.

IT Desk

IT Desk was established in 2007, in order to deliver technical and software support services to SME businesses. Technical experts, their key strength lies in their ability to speak in plain English about what can be complex IT problems. IT Desk now works with almost all Flobot integrations under 20 users in the UK.


ITtelligent ia a team of passionate, friendly and personable IT Support specialists who work to solve your IT challenges and configure your infrastructure in a way that supports your future growth. Based in Melbourne, Australia.

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