Flobot | Job estimation, scheduling and work-flow software

Flobot is field service job automation software. It manages leads, estimates, quotations, scheduling, invoicing, payments and tracks assets. Flobot is an app and an on-line cloud system. Using them together gives you total control over your jobs and staff - and keeps your customers informed and happy.

Flobot makes your company maximize profit and reduce administration overhead. It is field service software used by artificial grass companies, cleaning companies, scaffolding companies, flooring companies, gardening companies, property maintenance companies, facilities maintenance companies, plumbers, gas engineers, window fitters, mobile computer repairs, electricians, landscapers, removal & man and a van services, alarm fitters and carpet fitters. Some people call it the ultimate software for tradespeople. We call it Flobot.

Got a minute? Here's why you need Flobot


Quotes and estimates get built super fast, get to your clients instantly and look great. Makes you look great.

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Send your invoice now. And install the payment gateway to get paid in real-time. Stop chasing your invoices today.

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Schedule visits for quotes or jobs, send text messages to your customers to confirm. Get organised.

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Keep details of all customer interactions, phone numbers and email addresses. Start building a client base.

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So what makes Flobot different?

Flobot is a feature reach, configurable platform and can be used 'out of the box' - just like the hundred other Field Service Job Management SaaS companies you have looked at.

What sets us apart is our ability to customize Flobot to our client's requirements with bespoke coding, allowing them to have their own 'instance' of the software - a fully tailored software package created to match your requirements exactly.

No-one else offers that service at a price that anyone outside a blue-chip can afford. Talk to us about it.


Big mac v whopper

Let's put it another way

We all love the Big Mac. But have you ever tried asking for one with extra cheese? You might wait a while. Now the whopper on the other hand.... well just 'Have it your way'.

So, Flobot is the Whopper and everyone else is a Big Mac. There's a place for both but if you want something with extra sauce, pickles, cheese or pretty much anything else then you need a whopper.

So to make sure there's no confusion at all; Flobot = Whopper. Glad to clear that up.

The Flobot App

The Flobot app is designed to get your field team members, agents, engineers and tradespeople out in the field to the right job and on time.

Navigate to address

Navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function. Send that information to your client and they can see where your guy or gal is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Uber.

A flexible field service app

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field members are and what they are doing at any time.

Take notes and photos to build a report

Once your field team member has arrived they can check into the job so the office knows they have started work. You can bill by the hour if you want with the built in timer. But you may just want to finish, create a job sheet and attach some pictures.

Get a customer signature

Attach your 3rd party apps, pdfs, certificates to the job sheet and then get the all important signature for the office so they can bill straight away - or create an invoice in the field.

Flobot is used by

Easigrass is a Flobot client
Serviceteam is a Flobot client

And what our customers say...

Harry Dunnell Managing Director of Serviceteam, one of the largest Facilities Maintenance companies in London

'We went through and tested and trialled many different field management software packages to suit the needs of our growing business. When we came across Flobot, we soon realized that it was by far and away the best out of the bunch. It was much more adaptable to our specific needs and workflow and more importantly easier to navigate. It has the depth of detail we need as a maintenance company managing many in-the-field service people and the day-to-day office administration to ensure a smooth operation.'

'Deciding on a field management software product is a highly daunting task and it's not something you want to get wrong. Luckily we chose wisely - and if you want some reassurances from us about how good this software package is then please feel free to contact us, we'd love to tell you know how happy we are with it and how it has made us more efficient and has so far met our every need.'

Lyn Connelly General Manager at ACME Cleaning, one of the largest cleaning companies in the UK established in 1937

This software package is excellent. It has enabled us to bring our business into the 21st century by moving from paper based records to having all information relating to employees, clients, contracts, sub-contractors and suppliers available at the touch of a button. The staff including Rob are very customer focused, always on hand and very efficient in dealing with any queries. Would highly recommend.


Flobot Field app

Flobot works on any device, laptop, pc, tablet or smart phone and as it is browser based and hosted in the cloud, if you don't want to use the app or need the extra features found on the system you can always access that through a browser in any device.

And what's more Flobot is completely customizable to your own brand. In fact, Flobot is the only field service property maintenance software that you can 'white label'. So, your customers and contractors need never know that you didn't build your own bespoke field service software - you can even have your own version of the Flobot field app in the Google Playstore!

Award winning

Yes, we have even won an award. In fact in 2018 Flobot has been selected by CV Magazine as the 'Best Cloud-Based Field Job Management Platform 2018'. Not bad as we were selected over 25 competitors.

In their words - 'Designed by our research team, the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards have been designed in order to recognise and celebrate professionals and companies across the globe who have gone above and beyond to maintain leadership in their industry, innovate and achieve outstanding results compared to their peers.' Great. And then we won it again in 2019. And this year we won 'Best Field Service Job Management Solution: Flobot 2020'. Super.

So basically - we're good, some say the best. And everyone else knows it too - and now so do you.

Fresh Milk Software Logo

Fresh Milk Software

What has it got to do with milk?

The simple answer to this question is - nothing. It has absolutely nothing to do with milk. We just thought it would be something different from calling it anything to do with what it is - which of course is Field Service Automation Software. And which sounds very, very boring. Its a question we answer many times each day and we are very sorry we did it. But the logo is pretty cool.

The application is called 'Flobot' that is an amalgamation of 'Flow' for work-flow and 'Robot' which is to do with automation. So now you know.

Stop! One last thing!

Stop searching for Field Service Management Software or whatever you want to call it. Stop here not because we are better than any other software company (we're not) or worse (we're not that either). Stop searching because we are at the very least as good as everyone else, possibly better, probably cheaper and certainly easier to use.

And really that is all you need from this software. So, stop searching and start using. Because fundamentally you know that sooner or later you are going to have to automate your business in some way and you may as well do it now. And every day that you are not using this software - you are losing revenue, losing jobs, losing customers and spending more time doing boring things that don't make you any more money.

So get on with it and book a demo now. It only takes 10 minutes!


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