Invoicing software

Hosted in the cloud and available through a browser on any device, Flobot allows you to create and send invoices to your customers instantly.

Whatever industry you're in - scaffolding, flooring or any other field service company, invoices can be created with your company brand, contain a full breakdown of the service you have provided, you can attach the original signed worksheet, the quote and even pictures of the job.

And to make sure your client gets the invoice you can get an automatic sms sent out along with an email. Fast invoices encourage fast payments and increase cash-flow. That is very good and you should do it!

Sometimes you just have to send an invoice

We know the best and fastest way to get paid is to get paid up front. The next best way is to take a card payment. But you can't always do either of these things. The final payment can often involve 'the chase'. Customers 'forgetting' to pay, estate agencies employing 'paid when paid' practices, large clients just plain stalling and squeezing their suppliers for cash-flow purposes. Scaffolders are OK they just don't take the scaffold away until the final payment is made!

Everyone else? You need to get that invoice out as soon as you can. The good news is Flobot can helps you with that.


Transform the quote

...into the invoice.

Flobot makes it super easy to take that quote you agreed with the client and turn it into an invoice to send them with one click.

Making invoicing quick and easy is very, very important if you want your admin team to do it quickly and consistently.

Send it the invoice direct from Flobot

Or not.

Maybe you have already got a whizz bang invoicing set-up with some third party dedicated invoicing software. In which case, if it isn't broke - don't fix it.

Flobot works with all the leading financial software packages - Xero, Sage One, Quickbooks and we are integrating the other players all the time. Just send the invoice to the package. And when the client coughs up the money it will update Flobot. A double sync. Awesome!

Even if we don't support your package yet, Flobot allows you to export all the data from the CRM and pretty much all packages allow an Excel or CSV data upload.

Flobot loves Sage One

Well, let's be honest Sage One is a fairly limited invoicing solution but it is cloud based and it's a bit lighter on it's feet than the other packages - and Sage do have a few. Flobot doesn't link with all of them out of the box but that's the thing about Flobot - it's customizable for those that really, really need it to be. So, if you need it to work with Sage 50, 100, 200, 300 and whatever numbers they have this month - then we will make it work for you.

Sage software logo
Quickbooks Logo

Flobot likes Quickbooks

Quickbooks. The favourite invoicing software in the USA and becoming very popular in the UK and everywhere else - probably because they have a very large budget for radio advertising. But it's a good bit of software and Flobot works very well with Quickbooks. Batch invoicing, double syncing back and forth between the two programs.

So if you work with Quickbooks, the good news is you can work with Flobot too.

Flobot thinks Xero is OK

The fact is although Xero isn't very nice to Fresh Milk Software and hasn't listed them in their partner store, Flobot gets on very well with Xero.

That's probably because we keep winning clients from their subsidiary company Workflow Max. It's not our fault Flobot is better than Workflow Max :) but it's not your fault either! So, if Xero is your invoicing software - keep it. The children play together very nicely - even if the parents don't get along.

Xero logo

Flobot puts you back in control of your money

Cash-flow is King. Don't let your cash-flow dry up due to unpaid or even unsent invoices. Flobot enables you to get your invoices out to your customer as soon as the work has been completed. At the end of a project, where taking an instant payment has not been possible, Flobot lets you quickly and easily send a fully itemized invoice containing labour charges, time and materials.

Fast and professional

Flobot's PDF based invoicing template is beautifully laid out, easy to read and even easier to create. Just like all your other Flobot generated documents, your invoices can be easily customised with the look and feel of your brand to create a seamless end to end experience for your customers.

Easily see who owes you money at a glance

Thanks to Flobot's unique order stage tagging on every job, you'll know exactly where all of your orders are - including those jobs where payment is outstanding. Now you can issue a copy invoice or use Flobot's built in 'Overdue invoice' template for those times where you need to be a little more direct.

Integration with accounting software

Flobot can export all of your invoicing contact and sales data straight across to most major accounting packages such as Xero and we're adding more all the time. By selecting the 'export invoice data' option, Flobot seamlessly sends all of your important data across, allowing you to avoid having to manually enter data from one system to another, or even import Excel spreadsheets - it's all handled in one easy, seamless step.

Get a Flobot demo ( 20 minutes )

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