Scheduling appointments

Flobot's scheduling system makes it simple to book jobs and appointments into diaries for field based engineers, Field Service Operatives, estimators, contractors and employees - basically anyone who needs to be somewhere at a certain time.

And just as important, it makes it easy to keep your customer informed too. You can send the appointment to them by sms text message, WhatsApp or email - they can even see it in their own portal.

Why use Flobot for scheduling instead of say Outlook?

So, Google calendar is great and Outlook is, well it's pretty rubbish actually, but they are free. However, they don't connect very well to a field app, they don't work that well with multiple appointments and engineers and they don't link to a CRM. Flobot has a calendar, a diary, a schedule whatever you want to call it that is especially designed for field service companies. To make it easy for one person in the office to control many in the field. That's why you seriously want to look at Flobot for managing your guys.

Crystal Ball

Make the schedule work for you

Book an individual or a team to do a job. Make a recurring appointment that occurs at the same time every day, week, month or even year. Block out contractors and employees for training, holiday or anything else and show it all in the colour coded diary.

The schedule or diary gives you control and visibility of what your business looks like ahead of time - and what it looked like in the past for that matter. Just like a crystal ball. Well maybe we are over-egging the pudding with that one but it is very useful, just the same.

Instant appearance

As soon as you click 'confirm' the appointment appears in the diary on the field team members app. Or in fact in multiple apps at the same time.

Shazam! Just like magic.

It's not really magic, but it is pretty amazing. From the comfort of your home or office you can make anything appear in the app. For example, messages about the job or appointment for example or Health and Safety forms to fill in. And of course, the app will take them directly to the job using Google maps for navigation.

Now that is something Google calendar and Microsoft do but they don't go far enough and won't allow you to get anything back from your field team. Which is really the whole point of field service software, isn't it?

Rabbit in a hat

You are the puppetmaster

Flobot allows multiple schedules and that's really great of course - but lots of software does that .

What makes Flobot special is the how it helps you select the right person for the job or appointment. So, how does that work you might ask?

Well, you can set the field team members up with skill-sets - define the jobs they can and can't do, the roles the perform (maybe whether they are an estimator or someone who actually does the work), priorities, areas can and can't work, times they will and won't work and whether you actually think they are any good at what they do (a rating, if you will).

We reckon - in fact we know, that 1 admin team member can control 10 field team members using Flobot. Yes, 10 to 1.

Make appointments geographically

Our latest feature. Move you appointments around on a map to make the most efficient route for your field operatives.

Maps make it easy to see where you should be going next and so Flobot allows you to make those movements on the map itself. And that's not all. With Flobot's auto suggest feature when you come to book in your appointment, it will make suggestions on the best slot to fill for that particular job. So, now you don't really have to think about anything.

What's next, you might ask? We re developing an AI schedule that will just go right ahead and book the optimal slot for you. Keep watching this space....

Map schedule

Scheduling on the App

An appointment will appear in the diary on the app for the field team member or contractor and of course, they can access the app from a smart phone or a tablet anywhere.

Navigate to address

The field team can navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function. They can send that information to your client and the client can see where your field team is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Lyft.

Diaries simplified

As someone working outside the office it is super simple to see who you are seeing next and where they are located. All the information you need is in your diary app.

More appointments

Most of the time the office will want to create an appointment for any follow on work but if you want the field team to make those appointments themselves the app gives everyone visibility of their diary so they can discuss it with the client and do it there and then.

Improving visibilty

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field members are and what they are doing at any time - where they are and where they should be.

Outsourced Property and Flobot case study

Outsourced Property Services is a property maintenance company in Charlottesville Virginia, USA. They use Flobot to manage their business work-flow and field service contractors and get them to the right appointments at the right time.

Jeff Collins, Operations Manager says about Flobot 'We love the scheduling and we love the app. The app can be stripped down to make it just a diary, navigation and job signature tool so it's really simple for the handyman to use. In the ofice we use the maps to send the teams to the right jobs in the right order to save time and wasted gas. It's easy to use which we like a lot.'

Build and view schedules in real time

The right people in the right place at the right time. Flobot enables you to schedule your field team in real time while your customer is on the phone, eliminating the need for you to spend hours building schedules to work out who to send where. When a customer requests a specific type of job, Flobot presents only the field team members who are capable of fulfilling that job and who cover that area. It means you always send the right field team member to the job - every time.

Team members see their schedule update instantly

Your team members can instantly see updates to their schedule either on a tablet or by logging in to their own portal where they'll see detailed information of their schedule, along with quotes they've prepared for you, statistics on their work rate and lots more. If you subcontract work, you can eliminate calls into the office about payments, quotes and completed jobs by referring your subcontractors to go to their own portal. It's a great way to keep everyone fully informed while saving valuable administration time.

Customers are kept informed every step of the way

As soon as you've created an order for your customer they'll be sent a customised welcome e-mail along with appointment confirmations and even an SMS Text message. Your customer now has a copy of the time your engineer will arrive and a reference number to make sure they are there to receive them. It's these small but vital pieces of information that will enhance your customer's experience and keep them coming back to do business with you.

Eliminating paperwork

Field team members who are using the Flobot Field App can complete electronic job sheets allowing them to capture not only descriptions of the work they've completed, but include images, recommend follow on work and capture electronic signatures - even off-line. Best of all, once the electronic job sheet has been completed everyone can view the data live in real time. No more waiting for job sheets to be dropped off at the office.

Daily planner - updated live and instantly

Whether you're in the office or in the field, you can pull up today's schedules so you can see exactly where your field team will be and what they will be doing. With Flobot you can manage an unlimited amount of field team members and see their progress throughout the day as they check and out of jobs. Thanks to Flobot Field App's geo-location capabilities, you can even see where all of your engineers are on a live map and that means no more phone calls to check where your people are.

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