A pocket compass

Navigating to appointments in the app

Flobot app makes it very easy to navigate to the appointment in your schedule. Basically, you click the 'navigate me to my appointment' button. It really is as simple as that.

But it's quite important because you don't need to add the address in - it's already in there. And because the buttons are nice and big you won't be fiddling around in the app.

Every little helps, as they say.

Intelligent engineer scheduling and automation

Intelligent scheduling is part of our drive for increased automation in our field service software. It is about reducing the amount of human activated administrative procedures involved in running a field based business. We make no bones about it, our goal is to replace the human where possible and reduce the amount of humans needed to run a field based business where they cannot be removed completely.

Multiple stops

Intelligent scheduling

What's all that about then, you might ask? Well it's intelligent. Finding the right appointment to send your engineer to based on the previous one. In fact based on lots of factors - the skill-set of the engineer (can they do the job), where they are at the moment, where they are in the future, whether they actually cover, is anyone better placed etc. etc.

So, in the first instance that might mean organizing the engineers by displaying them on a map, swapping them around or moving the order they attend each job.

Assisted scheduling

But in fact it might also mean that you just want Flobot to suggest the best engineer and the best time for the appointment to take place. That's called assisted scheduling and with this module, when you come to book the job or estimate Flobot will give you 3 suggestions in orr of preference for the most efficient slot for that appointment.

One day, not far from now we are going to get this to actually make the appointment. That will be called automatic scheduling. We are working on it now and that really is the 'Rise of the Machines'.

Watch this space.



It has never been easier to get to your next appointment. Flobot Field has all the information about your upcoming job. All you need to do is open it and click the car icon that will navigate you right there and tell you just how long it will take.

Next job ready

You can quickly see where your next customer is located by clicking the location symbol. You can also make a quick call to the customer by pressing the phone icon, send a text by pressing the message icon and send an 'I'm on route' SMS text by - well I think you get it by now.

Keep it simple

Flobot Field has been designed to have the features you need but just as importantly leave out the features you don't.

What does it mean?

It means that Flobot Field is intuitive and anyone can learn to use it in seconds. That means your field team members can get on with the jobs they are good at without spending time learning new technologies - or even worse - calling you about them.

Works offline

OK, the navigation won't work offline but the maps will!

Sound Bite from Cavendish deVere London

Cavendish deVere is a small, high-end, boutique flooring contractor and retailer in London supplying carpets and flooring all over the city with a mix of contract floor fitters, estimators and employees.

We run up to 8 teams at times and one estimator on multiple projects with two admin staff in the basement of the shop. That includes scheduling, staff payments, invoicing, payments. We have an outsourced payroll company and a part-time book-keeper who works twice a month. We can do all this with this amount of office staff because of the software. It helps us with scheduling, actually takes payments and reconciles invoices automatically, orders the stock automatically and send the project sheets automatically to the fitter automatically. We would need maybe 5 people to run this company without it, it saves us around £90K a year in salaries.

Peter Weller - Cavendish deVere.

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