Old fashioned diary

Manage the diary of field service engineers

The Flobot app allows you to mange the diaries and schedules of everyone in the company. Of course, this is especially useful for those who are out of the office all day like estimators, engineers, fitters, scaffolders etc.

Pen and paper still works and it is very reassuring and a paper diary is nice to look back on but they are impossible to share from different locations, they aren't very secure and they are highly likely to get lost. But a schedule on an app is all these things. Share it with anyone instantly, never lose it and never require the field based person to come into the office to actually get it. It's about time you got rid of the paper isn't it?

Better than Google or Outlook?

Well, anything is better than MS Outlook, even the pen and paper. And while Google has a very nice schedule and mobile app it won't interface with your CRM to get all those details you need about the customer. It literally is an on-line diary not a field service scheduling app. And it certainly won;t allow you to send a job-sheet back into the system from the client site. So, yes is the answer. For field service companies Flobot field service app is better than Google or Outlook.


Tracking the field engineers

Controversial this one isn't it? Of course, you do know that Google Maps is tracking you all the time on that handset of yours? I am watching you. It's not all sinister though, with consent of course, tracking your engineers can be very useful for a field service business.

For example, if you know where they are you can schedule their next appointment without needing to call them. And you see see where they really are as opposed to say... where they are telling you they are.

And Flobot will tell you when that person has left the address - and keep a record of those movements. If you want it to, of course. So, not like HAL 9000 then - because you are in control. At the moment...

Geo-fencing and time spent on-site

So this is a really cool, new feature from Flobot. Geo-fencing. when he address the field team member arrives at the address that matches the one they have been sent to, they are asked if they want to check in, Then the clock ticks. The ticking clock is linked to the client charges automatically. Set the rate for the charge per hour and the bill is made automatically and at the end of the project sent to the client right away or just added to the charges for later.

So far so good. But what's really neat is if your engineer, fitter, scaffolder, field team member or whatever you call them is a contractor on a day rate or even an hourly rate - well Flobot automatically calculates this too.

A stopwatch

App appointments

A simple and elegant layout for displaying the field appointments in the app. Colour coded so you can easily see whether it's a job or a quote, orange for a job, blue for a quote and the size of the block gives you an idea of how long they will take - just like the system.

Easy communication

From here it's easy to communicate with your customers while you are in the field. Press one button to call them and another to send a text message.

Send your location

Press the 'en-route' button to send an sms text message to the customer with your exact location and estimated time of arrival - just like Uber!

What does it mean?

It means you have a simple, easy to use schedule that tells you just which appointments you have in the day, how long they last for and where they are - and it has a nice built in navigation feature so you can get guided straight to the door.

Works offline

Can't get a connection? Don't panic. Flobot stores the information on your phone so you will be able to use the app even if you can't get a 3G or 4G signal. And when you do get one, it will sync with the server automatically and get any new data that you should have received or send any information back to the office.

Sound Bite from A and B Scaffolds Mumbai

Providing professionally managed scaffolding services in India, A and B Scaffolders needed a really fast and easy way to monitor, control and pay their scaffold contractors. They also needed to keep the scaffolders honest and their clients happy and informed. Step in Flobot field based geo-fencing location and tracking app.

'We couldn't believe that we found this app and software because we neede it so much we thought we were going to need to pay someone to make it for us. It is perfect for us and has saved us much time and a lot of money.'

Vishal Chopra - A and B Scaffolds.

Flobot is the app for job management in field

The Flobot app is for those who work outside the office 'in the field' - but most likely in a van. So if that's you, it gives you everything you need to do you job - the customer's address - which it will navigate you to, the details of the job, the telephone numbers and email address. Press a button and it will send an sms to your customer to tell them when you will arrive.

Voice recognition for easy note taking

In combination with Android's voice recognition capabilities, Flobot allows you to speak directly into your smart phone or tablet to update job notes. It's great for slow typers and you'll be amazed at how quick and accurate it is. The notes will be added to the client's record. You can even add pictures and video to upload directly to Flobot so that your office team can see exactly what's happening on site.

Capture signatures and payments instantly

You'll know that in business, getting your customer to sign-off work that's been completed is an important way of protecting revenue and avoiding disputes. Flobot app allows you to capture these signatures electronically and transmit them alongside the job data safely and securely.

Built in geo-location tools

Thanks to Flobot app's built in, secure GPS functionality, you can see where all of your field team members are in real time on a map. The 'En-route' button lets client know that your field team member is on their way by sending an SMS, and it will even calculate their ETA. Every check in and check out is geo-location stamped so you'll always be sure that your engineer is at the right place at the right time.

Certificates, documents and images

Many service industry sectors require completion of certificates, such as Gas Safety Certificates or Waste Transfer Documents and these have historically been paper based and cumbersome. If you have an app for them just attach them to Flobot and send them into the office. It means you can ditch the triplicate pad and complete your certificates and documents electronically. Simple, efficient and quick.

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