An interview with Robert Barney the Founder of Flobot

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Flobot: A Customizable Feature Rich Platform Empowering Field Service Agents

Field services are the backbone of every industry. Be it flooring companies, maintenance and repair companies, scaffolding or cleaning companies, landscaping companies, or property maintenance companies; every such business relies on the efficiency of their engineers who go out there in the field and do the job. Any improvement in their efficiency directly translates to enhanced overall productivity and better customer experience which in turn gives a fillip to business growth. With the growth of field services in Asia, there is an increasing demand for software to enable engineers and companies to service their customers quickly and efficiently.

However, there is a considerable change in the customer expectations and preferences when it comes to delivery of field services. Owing to the increasing smart phone adoption and penetration of internet, they demand more information about the engineer that will be visiting their property – their location, estimated time of arrival etc., the ability to make payments by phone to save time transferring money from accounts or paying in cash and even making the initial order by email or via an app. Hence, field service providers must seek to meet these expectations of their customers. Although there are many field service solutions available in the market, implementing a run-of-the-mill software can only result in increasing their cost of operations and bringing little to no tangible RoI. They need a solution that can respond to their unique requirements and integrate with their legacy processes.

Fresh Milk Software, an Anglo-Sri Lankan company headquartered in London, addresses these concerns by providing a feature rich, stable platform called Flobot that appeals to a broad range of verticals. The solution is capable of customizing parts of the system to suit the exact requirements of businesses cost effectively. “While every field service company is similar, they are all unique. There will always be legacy processes and idiosyncrasies of established companies that no software can accommodate ‘out-of-the-box’. Flobot can change and adapt to each one, much more cost effectively that pretty much anyone else,” says Robert Barney, Founder, Fresh Milk Software.

Flobot caters to every part of a field service business; from the initial enquiry to booking an engineer to visit for repair or perhaps booking an estimator to create a quote. Quotes are built in the app or the system and are sent instantly to the customer, if needed. A deposit is taken online and a supplier sheet is sent to order parts for an engineer to be dispatched to install a product with all the information they might need. Finally, the client signs the job off with evidence that it was completed, time and geo-location stamped and stored for access in the future.

Fresh Milk Software is well positioned to service the SME market with companies that have between 20 users to 1000 field-based personnel who need access to a centralized system through a smartphone or tablet device. “We help our clients look at their business from a strategic perspective, guiding them and showing them best practice based on our many years of delivering this software to field services companies in other parts of the world. We help them implement it, change their procedures to make them more efficient if necessary and train them on how to use it effectively,” signs off Robert.

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