Take sales leads and enquiries

Taking down enquiries

Excel spreadsheets are a cheap way of running a service business - but they don't scale well. Get to a certain size, start to share the files with multiple users and they don't work so well - but they aren't all bad.

They are linear and in list format - so you they show you whwn and in what order the enquiry was taken. And that is why we have kept the look and style of an excel spreasheet in the enquiry database. But of course, with the added benefit of having it easily accessible to multiple users, easily searchable with the ability to provide statistics, data and reports.

A unique database for sales leads

In this respect Flobot is unique. It is very easy to lose your enquiries once you have taken them and before you have decided to do with them and that is why we keep them in a handy list. And in a larger call centre that list can tell you who made the lst not and when and who is taking the most enquiries - and who isn't. You can also auto-allocate enquiries to call-centre handlers using Flobot.

The details captured in the enquiry

Lots of information about the customer can be captured at the enquiry stage. Useful details that determine what to do at the next stage - that might mean dong nothing at all becasu ou can't help them.

 Flobot enquiry database

  • Sector - Standard, Business or 'Jump' customer - a VIP
  • Customer name - Fairly self-evident
  • Enquiry date - When the enquiry was taken - useful to know if it is still on a day later
  • Department - To determine what type of lead it is
  • Enquiry type - To determine what type of lead it is
  • Type - The type of enquiry
  • Location - Where is the customer
  • Last updated - When was the last time someone did somthing with this
  • Note - Has a not been left on the enquiry
  • Closed - The lead has been closed and no order has been created
  • Converted - The lead or enquiry has been converted to an order
  • Outcome - Was a sale eventually completed
  • Options - To edit the enquiry, close it or sign it off as an order
Add an enquiry

Adding an enquiry

Adding an enquiry is as simple as clicking an option from the drop down menu. And on the enquiry list ordering the enquiries is as simple as clicking a heading.

Enquiry statistics at your fingertips

See just how the enquiries are being handled by your call cntre team. How long each team member is taking, who are the most and least successful - these are important things to know in any field service business.

 Flobot enquiry database

  • Only show open enquiries - Show me what needs dealing with
  • Only show my team's open enquiries - Call handling can be broken into teams
  • Reset filters - Show me everything
  • Add enquiry - Add an enqury or sales lead
  • Advanced enquiries search - Create a report of the enquiry statistics
  • Export data to csv file - Export it into a 3rd party application perhaps
  • Show enquiry handling statistics - Show me how we are handling these enquiries
The customer enquiry form

Breaking down a customer enquiry

You can take as much or as little information into a customer enquiry - but Flobot won't let you convert it until you have the correct contact information to make an order relevant. There is never any reason to have a database full of juk - with no names, telephone numbers, email addresses etc and users often need saving from themselves.

Super quick details

What the flash enquiry allows ou to do is take an enquiry from a potential client at speed. This is important when time is limited and it stops some users from writing thigs down on a notepad and then re-typing it - this is known to happen in less flexile workflow systems.

 Flobot enquiry form

  • Exisiting customer - Not the only way but exisiting customer details can be searched for here
  • Customer profile - Completely configurable but this information can be captured to help your marketing
  • Further information - Capture as much information as you want for other purposes at this stage

Flobot's special features

There are a lot of special features within Flobot, some of them are completely unique to our software and not found on any other system. And of course, we are adding new features all the time. Check back here for the new additions or click on the 'News' section of your dashboard to see what has been invented added and improved upon.

 Features that are Special

  • The search tool - A very powerful feature of Flobot that allows you to search for anything within the database with a very handy 'auto-suggest' feature
  • The job estimation tool - Allowing you to build a quote from scratch and send it to your customer via email or send a link for them to see on-line
  • The stageflo system - The unique Flobot Stageflo system allows you to manage multiple jobs by visually checking their status.
  • Live location tracking of field engineers - Instantly see on a map where all your field service agents are.
  • Address code look-up - Built in as standard on Flobot allows you to get the address code instantly.
  • Registering enquiries - Allows you to run a call centre, allocate sales leads and recover them in excel style list.
  • The capacity schedule - Allows you to book in a project with a client without allocating it to a specific engineer until later.
  • Built in price list for quotes - Allows you to upload a price-list to the quote module to make it selectable for a drop-down menu.
  • Field Team Geo-location - Show your client where your engineer is in real-time, on a map. Just like Uber.
  • Drag and drop field team schedule - Move your field team appointments to anywhere and anyone by clicking, dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple calendars - Combine calendars and schedules, show all estimators, engineers, types and teams and make a short cut for navigation.

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