Stay away from the coronavirus

Remote quotation software for the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has put paid to our daily social interactions.

For the forseeable future the message is 'stay away' from each other.

Not easy for a field service company.

What to do?

Field service companies need to visit their potential clients to make a quote even to get the job.

Well, they did until now.

With the Flobot Whatsapp integration module you can make accurate quotes form home. There is no need to see your client face to face and no need to visit the property. After all you are pretty much seeing what they see anyway. So sit back and relax. Make a quote for your potential client from the comfort of your own home while you are on quarantine.

And when the pandemic is over and the world needs your services - you'll already have hundreds of jobs lined up from the quotes you have already built and sent out.

It's here now and we are making it available for free

We have been smashing the granny out of it to get this ready for the Coronavirus quarantine. No, it isn't perfect yet. We are improving it daily. But it will get the job done. And we need you guys to stay in business. So until this pandemic is over, we are going to make it available to anyone for free.

And what's more we will help you install it and we will train you how to use it.

The Flobot Whatsapp module

Only now has Whatsapp become so ubiquitous than even your mum has it on her smart phone. And that means your customers can get photos and videos to you easily, quickly and most importantly without any effort on their part. This is the key. So you fire up the Flobot Whatsapp module and ask the customer to send you what you need to be able to make them an estimate for what they want.

Yes, you are going to need to set-up a Whatsapp account for your business. It takes a few minutes. Don't worry we will show you how.

Flobot whatsapp
BAM white Flobot

Dynamic quote module

Now you use the 'dynamic template' module. It allows you build your quote with a pre-built template in the system. This lovely template has a link between the ratios of your line items, so for example, materials and labour. When you change one value you can change all the others instantly.

That's why it's called dynamic! But it means is that you can send a complex quote out to your customer in one click - and include all the videos and images in it too.


And now we wait

Assuming we cannot actually go and start the project for which we have quoted for, the quote will be stored for as long as we need them and they are really easy to find. Ready for use when the Coronavirus has been defeated and the quarantine lifted.

And defeated it will be but it is important to be ready for the time when we can get back to business. So start building these quotes now from wherever you are hiding out so you can smash it when the time is right.

Until then - we wait.


Watch the video on how it works

Get the Flobot whatsapp software

If you want in - get in touch with us. What are you waiting for?