The power search tool


The power search tool

There is no other field management software with the search capability of Flobot. Just like Google, type in what you need to find into the search bar located at the top right of your screen. Customer first name, surname, nickname, order numbers, purchase order numbers, account numbers, cities, postcodes, zip codes, address codes, site names, account names, invoice numbers - it is all found in your CRM database.

Flobot also incorporates 'auto-suggest', so as you type, the suggestions of what you might be looking for are presented instantly. It's super fast - so fast we might licence it to Google!

Advanced search parameters

Once you get used to the search tool, much like an internet search engine you can make faster, more accurate searches but using the advanced search parameters as explained in the table below. And by the way, always put ':' colon after the search term, makes it much faster.

 Search Help

  • Text - Any textual string will perform a search against customer names, nicknames, site names, account names and organizations
  • Number - Any numeric search will perform a search against telephone numbers first
  • MTX - A search prefixed with MTX will search against an order number
  • MTA - A search prefixed with MTA will search against an account number
  • MTI - A search prefixed with MTI will search against an invoice number
  • UD: - A search prefixed with UD: will search against the User Defined number tag
  • CT: - A search prefixed with CT: will search against customer contact detail tag
  • a: - A search prefixed with a: will search against the customer sites
  • po: - A search prefixed with MTI will search against the purchase order number

And now there are some even more advanced searches.

  • org: - A search prefixed with org: will find client organisation names
  • can: - A search prefixed with can: will find client account names
  • email: - A search prefixed with email: (guess what?) will find orders and accounts or client emails
  • apt: - A search prefixed with apt: will find client accounts where orders and appointments have been attached to it
  • cn: - A search prefixed with cn: will find the record of a customer name that hasn;t got any orders attached to it - sometimes if it is a new database upload for example
  • qu: - A search prefixed with qu: will find a specific quote number
  • site: - A search prefixed with site: will find the name of a site e.g. a building site or branch of a clients account
  • einv: - A search prefixed with einv: will search for a specific invoice number in the costs section of an order (probably from a supplier)

How to use the search bar

Flobot has a very useful search bar that allows you to search for your records in the CRM database. But it allows you to search from some very specific entries. Obviously you can search for your client by name, postcode, zip code, telephone number, email address and order number.

But you can search for invoices, accounts, po numbers, user defined numbers, accounts with appointments on them and without, sites, nicknames and quotes.

Very fast and very powerful.

Flobot's special features

There are a lot of special features within Flobot, some of them are completely unique to our software and not found on any other system. And of course, we are adding new features all the time. Check back here for the new additions or click on the 'News' section of your dashboard to see what has been invented added and improved upon.

 Features that are Special

  • The search tool - A very powerful feature of Flobot that allows you to search for anything within the database with a very handy 'auto-suggest' feature
  • The job estimation tool - Allowing you to build a quote from scratch and send it to your customer via email or send a link for them to see on-line
  • The stageflo system - The unique Flobot Stageflo system allows you to manage multiple jobs by visually checking their status.
  • Live location tracking of field engineers - Instantly see on a map where all your field service agents are.
  • Address code look-up - Built in as standard on Flobot allows you to get the address code instantly.
  • Registering enquiries - Allows you to run a call centre, allocate sales leads and recover them in excel style list.
  • The capacity schedule - Allows you to book in a project with a client without allocating it to a specific engineer until later.
  • Built in price list for quotes - Allows you to upload a price-list to the quote module to make it selectable for a drop-down menu.
  • Field Team Geo-location - Show your client where your engineer is in real-time, on a map. Just like Uber.
  • Drag and drop field team schedule - Move your field team appointments to anywhere and anyone by clicking, dragging and dropping.
  • Multiple calendars - Combine calendars and schedules, show all estimators, engineers, types and teams and make a short cut for navigation.

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