Workflow automation software

Why have 5 when you can have 1?

Yes, you read that correctly.

Flobot can do the work of on average 4 humans - at least the ones working in admin in the office. And it doesn't take breaks, never gets sick, doesn't like holidays and won't be visiting your HR department anytime soon.

Automating field service processes

Flobot automates processes. It makes your work-flow more efficient. It takes lots of human roles and combines them into one and it does lots of things at the same time. That means you just need less people - and that will save you a lot of money.

And by the way you don't have to fire the people it replaces, you can just find them somewhere else to work (hopefully in your company!) but it might also mean that you just don't need to take as many people on as you grow.

* That's not Flobot by the way - that's Eddie and he's a very cool steam punk robot by Paul Braddock.

Let us tell you how it works

Remember that each of these stages is optional. You don't have to automate every process but that might be your eventual goal.


A call into the office for a service

So, let's just say there is one of you in the office and you have 10 engineers.

Can you control 10 field engineers with one person in the office? Well actually you can. It starts with a phone call from a potential client who wants a quote for your service. You take their details...

...and decide they are a bit of a plum, likely to waste your time and really only interested in a price. A price monkey. So, you aren't going to waste any resources actually sending out anyone just yet.

The Flobot Whatsapp module

Only now has Whatsapp become so ubiquitous that even your mum has it on her smart phone. And that means your customers can get photos and videos to you easily, quickly and most importantly without any effort on their part. This is the key. So you fire up the Flobot Whatsapp module and ask the customer to send you what you need to be able to make them an estimate for what they want.

Don't worry, all the images, videos and conversations are stored in Flobot.

By the way - we have done the stats. 80% of the potential clients will send you what you want to get what they want. And the 20% that don't? You have just saved yourself a pointless drive and the time it takes to make them a quote.

Flobot whatsapp
BAM white Flobot

Dynamic quote module

Now you use the 'dynamic template' module. It allows you build your quote with a pre-built template in the system. This lovely template has a link between the ratios of your line items, so for example, materials and labour. When you change one value you can change all the others instantly.

That's why it's called dynamic! But it means is that you can send a complex quote out to your customer in one click - and include all the videos and images in it too.

This will be important later on - stay focused!

Customer accepts quote online

So your customer is happy with the quote and they want to go ahead. They click the button to accept it online. It also has a tick box so they accept the terms and conditions of service.

Straight away the system sends the deposit invoice for the customer to pay in their browser. Once they have done that it then takes them to a calendar and they can request a time for the project to be undertaken.

Now, it is important to remember this a request from the client. You haven't committed to that time because it might not be convenient for your business but it does help with scheduling - and the customers like it.

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Field team Members project sheet

We now need to book in the right team to start and complete this project. So we use the schedule to find the right guys to do the job and when we have selected them that job will appear in their Flobot Field App.

This is where the automation helps again because that quote you made with all the nice details about the job, the pictures, videos, materials and the labour are now used to tell the Field Team what to do. They see everything except the price of course. It's called the project sheet and it automatically appears in their app when they have been assigned to the job.

Use this module and you are going to reduce the amount of calls back into the office and subsequently to the original estimator because they have all the information they need to crack on.

Information back from the field

Now the field team has the information they need to do the job. The Flobot app allows them to send information about that job back to the office. That information might be delivered by Whatsapp, it might be from a jobsheet with the customer signature at the end of the job, it might very well be from the geo-location and tracking that is possible to see when the field team arrives on site, how long they are there for and when they leave.

The field team members should always be encouraged to send back video and photos of the job so a picture can be built up in the system of how that job has progressed - no matter how small or large it is. That way if there are any disputes you will have all the evidence you need.

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Party Poppers

Success - final invoice sent

The jobsheet has been signed by the customer and submitted. It can now be automatically attached to the final invoice which is sent out - automatically of course - to the client for a final payment through the portal.

And this marks the end of another successful project. Fully automated by Flobot with very little interaction from the office user at all. Let's remind ourselves of what we have achieved here.

A client called, we created a quote remotely without ever visiting them, they accepted without us ever sending an email, they paid a deposit without us sending an invoice, the project sheet was created automatically by Flobot and sent to the Field Team who uploaded the signed jobsheet from the client and then Flobot sent a final invoice which the customer paid though the portal. Now you can see why you can run your business with the 1 admin to 10 field members ratio!

A 2 minute video on the
dynamic quoting module

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