Stock control and inventory software

At this point we are using our inventory software for flooring and carpet companies only. But stay tuned we will be expanding this to all the other verticals soon.

So what is it all about?

Well, carpets and flooring companies are busy entities. Keeping control of carpet deliveries, collections, orders, dispatches, fittings not to mention sundries such as grippers, underlay, thresholds is taxing, needs careful attention and measurement.

Flobot Inventory Module

This is where Flobot can help. Flobot Inventory Module (FLIM) is our latest software addition. A stand-alone software product it works on it's own or in conjunction with Flobot to give you visibility and control of all the stock in your warehouse and shops.

Let us tell you how it works

Remember some of these processes are optional and you might not need them. And just so you know this is about getting it to work with Flobot but it can work on its own or with some other Field Service Software system that you have been unlucky enough to purchase ;)


Customer wants to go ahead

'All good' they say 'let's do this thing!' So the order is placed, payments made etc. etc, now it's time to go to work. Here's how we do it with Flobot and FLIM.

You have the quote you sent the client so you know what the materials are. Let's say this is for a bedroom carpet in this example. Hit the 'Supplier sheet' button and Flobot processes it and pings FLIM. FLIM says 'Hi FLobot, I have got the right amount of underlay and grippers for this order but I'm sorry I don't have the carpet'.

'OK FLIM' says Flobot 'leave it to me but place this order in your system and reserve the underlay and grippers.' (Exciting this isn't it!?)

Supplier request

Flobot then sends an email to the supplier requesting the carpet with the specified cut size and waits for the supplier to read it and then reply. And when the lazy old supplier gets back with the invoice, dispatch document or whatever else they are likely to send (or call in with), it is entered into Flobot with an expected delivery date and then shared with FLIM. Of course, we still need a human to do this at the moment because most of the suppliers are in the stone age :( and as we know, some of them can be glacial with their responses.

Don't worry, this will change and when it does we will be ready to automate it.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes. So, the materials have been ordered and we are waiting for them to arrive hopefully some time before the next ice age. We know when they should be arriving and if they don't arrive on time then FLIM will send an alert saying 'Hey, those items have not been delivered to us!'.

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Accepting and storing

Well, let's assume that they now have arrived to the warehouse or the shop (and yes we can deal with it if they go to site too).

So, the order arrives and we check FLIM or mobile FLIM (yes, there is an app) to make sure the right carpet has arriving and if it has we print a QR code label and attach it to the item. Then we scan the label to say we have the item and it updates FLIM and Flobot.

Then we put it into the location we want to store it and scan it in there. The really good thing is we can use a mobile phone and an app to do this - we don;t need a fancy bar code reader (but you can have one if you want).

Elvis has left the building

When the time comes for the carpet to go to it's final destination and be fitted we just reverse the process. Scan it out and it updates the system to say that like Elvis, it has left the building and been dispatched.

Furthermore, it records every single transaction in the log. Who did it, when they did it and where they did it. You will have to determine why they did it, it it ever comes to that though.

Simple, super simple. In fact, that's why we wrote it. Because flooring and carpet inventory software doesn't have to be complicated (but it all too often is).

Red carpet

Hey, what about roll stock?

Yes, yes we know all about roll stock. Don't panic, Captain, we have dealt with that too. Every time you cut something off a roll you create what's called a child and a parent. Stay with us here. Two labels are now printed and the size of the diminished parent is accounted for and recorded and the child inherits all the same characteristics of the parent. For example, the batch dye number and where the original delivery was from etc.

And that's not all. FLIM knows all about roll widths, it can cope with and understands boxes (which takes care of the wood floors, carpet tiles LVTs floors etc.), items, square metres and areas, colours, products, suppliers and manufacturers. It even records dye batch numbers.

Searching your inventory

Throw out the rusty filing cabinet because the search facility on FLIM is what you would expect from us (that mean it's pretty awesome, by the way).

Those rems will fly out of the warehouse. Search for roll widths and sizes, more than, less than and equal too. Colours, textures, materials, products, manufacturers - whatever you need to find the item you want and get it out to a customer as soon as possible. This feature alone will save you bundles.

Oh and we also nearly forgot to mention about levels and alerts. Set a low stock level for the items you always need like underlay, grippers, door bars, screed, adhesive or whatever and when it goes below a certain level FLIM will send you an email and give you an alert to say you need to get some more.

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Stock control reports and inventory

Finally, we come to the reports. You are going to know exactly what is in your warehouse or shop, where it is, its age and its value. Add them all together and you have complete visibility of your entire inventory at any moment in time.

How much time, money and waste is this going to save you? Err, a lot.

So what has the rocket got to do with it?

Easy, we have a bag full of clichés for you here. Here goes...

5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Light a rocket under your business and blast it into the 21st Century. Strap yourself in and see where this software can take you. And do it now because the competition have their own rockets - they're fueled and ready to leave the launch pad.

Super simple, inventory software. Boom!

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