Nice signature

Taking customer signatures in the field app

Simply, the simplest customer signature application on the market in any app. Your customer signs for the work and your Field Team Member witnesses it. What could be simpler? And the best bit is that it is built into Flobot Field App and comes as standard, no extra charge - free!

A signature from the customer defines he end of the project and that is why it is so important to get one. Regardless of how well the job went, regardless of whether you are going to return to sort out what problems they may have in the future, the signature is a legal marker, a trail, a piece of evidence in the story and you need to get it from your client or an authorized representative.

Complex and fully functioning or simplicity itself

The field app can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be. If you don't need all the bells and whistles, just a client name, an address where to find them and a signature from them to say the job is finished - then you can just remove all the functions to make it simple for your field team member to use.

Dragon X

Mission Complete

A signature, by definition signifies the completion of a project, doesn't it?

Well, we know that's not always the case. Sometimes, you finihs the job, go arounf with the client and check everything, they say they are happy and it's all good. Then they sign. 24 hours later they are calling you up saying you've missed something. This is familiar to all of us.

Doesn't men you aren't going to go back and address the issue but tht signature has changed the dynamic. You are now in the driving seat. They have signed and you are doing them a favoor. Watch and see. It's a amazing how that little action can have such profound effects on human behaviour.

By the way, we can link that to an instant payment if you want to. So, get the signature and complete the mission.

Contact light. OK, engine stop. Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

As signature for delivery

You might just have dropped something off - so get a signature for it. If the client isn't there - leave it with a someone in the property - it might be your own contractor or someone else's. No-one in at all? Leave it with a neighbour. If the neighbour isn't there - leave it somewhere hidden and take a picture of it. Dropper-offer signs it, job-sheet is sent automatically to client and office. Evidence has been created and the job is complete.

This has to be better than dropping a note through the letterbox in the 21st Century doesn't it? And it certainly has to be better than getting nothing at all and leaving a box somewhere or with some random. Make your life easier by getting signatures from everyone involved in the process - make them accept the responsibility for their part of the process - that includes the customer.

It's called teamwork. Make the customer part of the team.

Just make sure you are in charge of the team ;)

Delivery Box

Get it signed

Whether it is signed by the client, a representative, a neighbour, the engineer or just the delivery guy, that signature passes responsibility to the client.

Time stamped

The time of the signature is recorded on the electronic job sheet. It's proof!

Geo-location stamped

The co-ordinates of the signature are imprinted onto the electronic job sheet. You know where it happened.


Well you have a name, a signature, a time and a location as reference for this transaction taking place - and that is going to be pretty hard to dispute in the event of a dispute. Even Robert Kardashian would struggle with that kind of evidence.

And the jobsheet?

An electronic document designed to replace any paper versions. Produced by Flobot Field app, recorded in Flobot Web App and along with a customer signature it provides a record of any work carried out and recommendations for follow on projects.

Sound Bite from GA Electrical Services Georgia

We provide electrical repairs and maintenance service across the State and the electronic capture of the client signature is a game-changer for us. Before this we got it signed on paper which might get lost in the trucks and never make it back to the office and put in the file. Those signatures are really important because we are regulated but we haven't lost one since.

Jim Bowman - GA Electrical Services.

Flobot is the app for job management in field

The Flobot app is for those who work outside the office 'in the field' - but most likely in a van. So if that's you, it gives you everything you need to do your job - the customer's address - which it will navigate you to, the details of the job, the telephone numbers and email address. Press a button and it will send an sms to your customer to tell them when you will arrive.

Voice recognition for easy note taking

In combination with Android's (and Siri's!) voice recognition capabilities, Flobot allows you to speak directly into your smart phone or tablet to update job notes. It's great for slow typers and you'll be amazed at how quick and accurate it is. The notes will be added to the client's record. You can even add pictures and video to upload directly to Flobot so that your office team can see exactly what's happening on site.

Capture signatures and payments instantly

You'll know that in business, getting your customer to sign-off work that's been completed is an important way of protecting revenue and avoiding disputes. Flobot app allows you to capture these signatures electronically and transmit them alongside the job data safely and securely.

Built in geo-location tools

Thanks to Flobot app's built in, secure GPS functionality, you can see where all of your field team members are in real-time on a map. The 'en-route' button lets the client know that your field team member is on their way by sending an SMS, and it will even calculate their ETA. Every check-in and check-out can be geo-location stamped so you'll always be sure that your engineer is at the right place at the right time.

Certificates, documents and images

Many service industry sectors require completion of certificates, such as Gas Safety Certificates or Waste Transfer Documents and these have historically been paper based and cumbersome. If you have an app for them just attach them to Flobot and send them into the office. It means you can ditch the triplicate pad and complete your certificates and documents electronically. Simple, efficient and quick.

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