Start learning now and get on with it

Flobot is simple, service software. Probably the most straightforward, quickest to learn and easiest to use work-flow software to be found anywhere. It will transform your business - if you let it. You need to learn how to use it and you need to make a determined effort to do so. No-one will do it for you so man-up and get on with it.

20 minutes per day

The course is designed to get your business working on Flobot. Starting with the basics and working your way onto fully customizing the system to your requirements. Spending just 20 minutes per day, in 5 days you will be able to add new customers, make appoinments, build quotes, send invoices and take payments.

Keep it simple

There are hundreds of features in Flobot, many tools to customize the system and lots of ways to do the same thing. But to start with keep it simple. Get the basics right and don't become too concerned with anything else. At least not in the beginning.

Begin here

Start with these lessons. Take them in order and go as fast or as slow as you like - but stick with it.
And if you need help - just ask for it. Because help will always be given to thise who ask for it.

  • Day one - Learning to put new customers into Flobot
  • Day two - Making appointments for field team members
  • Day three - Adding charges, sending invoices, taking payments, entering costs
  • Day four - Creating and sending a quote to a customer
  • Day five - Adding new field team members