FloQuote | Estimating software for wood burning stove installers.

FloQuote is perfect for wood burning stove installation companies. Imagine being able to give an accurate estimate to the potential customer without the time and expense of travelling to the property to make the assessment. Because a lot of those clients have no real intention of making a purchase, they are just looking for ball-park pricing. FloQuote allows you to quickly sort the wheat from the chaff.

Got a minute? Here's why you need FloQuote

So why is FloQuote good for wood-burning stove companies?

Well, for the same reason that it's good for every other type of field services company. Save yourself a journey. Don't visit the customer for that initial estimate. Let's face it, wood-burning stoves are expensive to buy, expensive to fit properly, costly to maintain and a fortune to run. They are luxurious items for the wealthy. But they attract a lot of dreamers who can't afford them. Those dreamers will be happy to drag you out to Timbuktu to get a quote from you. FloQuote allows you to weed out the chancers.

It's about saving time and money

2 out of 3 times driving a van to go and meet potential clients for estimates is waste of your time and money.

The industry standard for winning a quote is 1 in 3 so that makes 2 wasted journeys. Trips that never end in a sale but can take hours of journey time, never mind the cost of fuel and the time it takes to build the quote itself.

And time is something none of us have enough of so it's about time you stopped wasting yours.

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The answer is FloQuote

FloQuote means you don't have to visit the client until you have some sort of commitment - or at least a pretty good idea you won't be wasting your time.

Separate the chaff from the wheat and spend more time on the leads that are going to turn into sales. And you can do that because you are not spending your time in the van going from place to place.

Once you have some sort an agreement in principle - then go to visit to make a quote. If you need to.

How does FloQuote work?

It is a very simple process. As simple as A, B, C.

a. Someone sends you a message via Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, email (whatever) about a wood-burning stove installation

b. FloQuote receives it and sends back automatically sends a message requesting their contact details, maybe the type of stove, some images and videos

c. The interested party sends the info and FloQuote formats it all into an estimate instantly. All you need to do is add the figures and press the button to send it back to the client

Boom! That's it. Saved yourself bundles of time and expense.

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