FloQuote Plus | Super fast estimates for services.

Take Floquote and super charge it by adding a fully customizable estimating and quoting add-on tool that allows you to select pre-formed templates to base your quote on and an uploadable price-list that makes your quote even faster to produce. Make complex, intricate quotes in seconds. Save more time, save more money and help save the planet.

Got a minute? Here's why you need Floquote

Save time

Stop wasting time travelling to see people who aren't going to buy. Use the extra time more wisely.

Save money

Time is money and travelling means fuel. Travel when you get confirmation that they will buy.

Save the planet

Not travelling at all means less pollution for all of us. This is a good thing.

Make more money

Spend more time on the clients that are going to buy. Not with those that aren't.

So what's the difference between FloQuote and FloQuote Plus?

It's the same application except FloQuote Plus has an additional fully customizable estimating tool attached. That means if you build complicated quotes, even multiple project quotes for example, landscape gardening or building, you can now upload your entire supplier price list so you never have to remember the prices for labour or materials again. Just select them as you build the quote. You can also build multiple templates for the projects you commonly work on. Let's explain further.

FloQuote in a nutshell

The idea is to get an estimate out to your client without ever visiting the property. As we have explained at FloQuote, think about how much time this will save for each quote you don't have to visit, how much fuel that will be saved and how much pollution can be reduced - all by not visiting everyone who asks for a quote.

Especially when only 1 in 3 quotes actually gets accepted by the client, thus making 2 of those trips completely redundant.

So, get the client to send all the information, images and videos using any messaging solution - Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Signal, Viber, WeChat etc. and FloQuote Plus will make sense of it using it's AI parsing tool and format it into a very good looking, customizable quote.

Message Apps
Rubik's Cube

Pre-built templates for complex quotes

FloQuote Plus allows you to make pre-built templates for your most complex quotes and use them to get a quote out to the client quickly. It takes the repetitive donkey work out of making a quote.

For example, let's say you are a flooring company and you make lots of similar quotes for carpet supply and fit in halls, stairs and landings.

Start by making your first quote for the HSL. Add labour if you like or maybe a price for fitting per square metre, add the underlay, grippers and then the carpets. Now you have a total price for the project. Now add a description of what you are going to do and save it as 'HSL'. Send it to the client. Easy as that, you now have a template for the next one. Super simple, super fast - hypersonic!

Add a price list

All service companies have lots of products and price lists. You can upload them into FloQuote to save you searching for the price every time you need to add it to you or estimate or quote.

That means prices for everything - labour, products, parking, congestion charges, equipment hire etc. It can all be added in here to speed everything up.

The idea is to make complicated estimates and quotes much more simple, broken down logically, faster to make and easy to read by your client. And nice quotes convert better than horrible quotes. That means less time making more money.

Price pinboard

Point to note - quotes and estimates

What's the difference between quotes and estimates?

This it where it helps to get your terminology right.

An estimate is where you give the potential client an idea of the cost it can be accurate but it is not a commitment from you to keep to that price. You are estimating the cost and this does not require a visit in the majority of cases.

A quote is where you are committing to the potential client that the price will stay the same. You still may need to put some caveats in there for the unforeseen but you are committing to what is on that quote. A quote will most often require a visit.

We won funding from the UK Government

Even the UK Government thinks this is a great idea and a great bit of software because they awarded us a grant from the The Sustainable Innovation Fund. Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £10 million to fund single and collaborative research and development projects as part of the Sustainable Innovation Fund. A fantastic idea to get the Country up and running again after the Covid pandemic.

A lot of applicants and not many winners.

So, if the government trusts us, maybe you could? (great line!)


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