FloQuote | Save time. Save money. Save the planet.

FloQuote is a brand new software application that allows you to make estimates from information, images and videos that the client sends to you. Using iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook, Signal, Telegram, Google, email - whatever or however they send the information, FloQuote uses it to build you a fast and accurate estimate for your client. You don't need any other software to send an estimate but if you do, it works with your database (if you have one) or your current Field Service Software. Whatever you use - FloQuote will make your estimates simpler, faster and better.

Got a minute? Here's why you need FloQuote

Save time

Stop wasting time travelling to see people who aren't going to buy. Use the extra time more wisely.

Save money

Time is money and travelling means fuel. Travel when you get confirmation that they will buy.

Save the planet

Not travelling at all means less pollution for all of us. This is a good thing :)

Make more money

Spend more time on the clients that are going to buy. Not with those that aren't.

What is an equote?

An equote is simply an estimate that is made on a computer and sent over the internet, just like an email is an electronic version of a physical letter. So, instead of saying 'I will come over to give you a quote', just say 'I will send you an equote' or even better a 'FloQuote' and it really means 'I am not coming over at all but I will still get you what you need.' :)

I still don't get it...

OK, let's try again. So, imagine being able to get an accurate estimate out to your client without ever visiting the property. Think about how much time and fuel this would save over a month or a year. Think about how many of those quotes you spend all that time on and then send off, actually turn into orders. The industry standard is 1 in 3. That makes 2 wasted journeys - trips that were never going to end in a sale.

Remember, a lot of those quotes go to people who just wanted to benchmark you or just needed a ball-park price in the first place.

It really all comes down to time - people are happy to waste yours if you let them.

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So what's the answer?

It's simple.

Don't visit until you have some sort of commitment from the client.

We're not saying never visit. We are just saying that you can weed out the chaff and concentrate on the wheat. FloQuote allows you to spend more time on those enquiries that are going to turn into sales.

And you can do that because you are not spending your time in the van going from place to place.

Once you have 'the nod' - an agreement in principle, if you will - then go to visit to make a quote. If you need to.

Quotes and estimates

What's the difference between quotes and estimates?

This it where it helps to get your terminology right.

An estimate is where you give the potential client an idea of the cost. It can still be accurate but it is not a commitment from you to keep to that price. You are estimating the cost and this does not require a visit in the majority of cases.

A quote is where you are committing to the potential client that the price will stay the same. You still may need to put some caveats in there for the unforeseen but you are committing to what is on that quote. A quote may very well require a visit.

And unless you get some good wording in your terms (a pre-nup?) the client will hold you to that quote for better or for worse.

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How does FloQuote work?

As simple as 1,2,3.

1. Customer sends you a message asking for a service. That message can be from a Whatsapp, an iMessage, an email - whatever

2. FloQuote gets it and sends back a message automatically asking for the customer contact details, description of what they want done, some images and videos

3. Customer sends it and FloQuote formats it all into an estimate instantly. All you need to do is add the figures and press the button to send it back to the client


That's it. Relax, watch TV, play with your kids - you just saved yourself an awful lot of time.

We won funding from the UK Government

Even the UK Government thinks this is a great idea and a great bit of software because they awarded us a grant from the The Sustainable Innovation Fund. Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £10 million to fund single and collaborative research and development projects as part of the Sustainable Innovation Fund. A fantastic idea to get the Country up and running again after the Covid pandemic.

A lot of applicants and not many winners.

So,if the government trusts us, maybe you could?


Saving the planet

While this might not be your primary reason for using FloQuote, it might just make you think.

If you take just one enquiry from a customer, at a macro level that means on average, 3 journeys by 3 different people for 1 quote. Logically, 2 of those journeys are wasted - as there can only be one winner. If you scale this up to the total number of journeys that could be saved by everyone using FloQuote... well it would be a lot.

In fact, a back of a fag packet calculation would go something like this. The average emission of CO2 per mile for a van = 411 grams. Let's say the average journey to and from a customer in a city like London = 10 miles and the average number of appointments per day is 2. That makes, give or take, 8kg of CO2 emissions reduced every single day. Almost 2000KG of reduced emissions reduced per year from a single van. Awesome.

There are 221,000 vans in London alone. Let's be conservative and say just 10% of those vans are involved in driving to quote. That's 22,000 vans. Over a year that would mean 44,000 Tonnes of CO2 emission reductions in London alone.

So unless we want our planet to look like Venus, we really need to do all we can right now.

And there a few more benefits

And of course, there are lots of other benefits for not making those journeys.

For example, reducing physical contact reduces the spread of the COVID 19 virus. What about reducing wear and tear on your van? Then there is removing traffic from the roads themselves. Not driving means there are no particles emitted from vehicle brakes, a growing health concern even for electric vehicles and these are bad our health as well as the environment.

Finally, what about the benefits for your mental health? Never mind making extra money, what about having more time and doing less work so you can spend more time with your friends and family?

That might just be the greatest benefit of all.


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