FloQuote | Manage insurance claims better and cheaper.

FloQuote is perfect for insurance companies. Imagine never having to send an insurance assessor to determine whether an insurance claim is valid. Sometimes an image and a video will mean you can make a small payout right away simply because it is cheaper to do so. For that you need FloQuote. FloQuote allows your clients to send in videos of their property to assess the claim remotely then use that information to decide whether it warrants a payout, validation and costing from a service provider or further investigation.

Got a minute? Here's why you need FloQuote

So what's the difference between FloQuote and FloQuote Plus?

It's the same application except that FloQuote Plus - as far as insurance companies are concerned, has an additional API that allows it to be connected to your existing insurance software and CRM. FloQuote Plus formats the information sent in by your customers using Artificial Intelligence making it nice and easy to respond to them in a fast and efficient manner.

Make a payout decision from a video

For certain claims it will be a lot easier and cheaper to allow a customer to make a claim by sending a video. Then an in-house claim team can assess the damage to their client's home for example for a claim for an escape of water, spilled paint or breakages.

This avoids the need for a loss adjuster to come to their home to assess the damage. No need for the customer to arrange a time for a Zoom call either, the information can be sent at anytime and then catalogued into a coherent format with the FloQuote AI parsing tool. Claims can then be settled by making an assessment in office hours.

Video cassette
Gold standard

Format a request for pricing document

Sometimes you may want to get some second opinions for trades people and service providers. But organising these people can be time consuming and frustrating.

FloQuote allows you to format a request for pricing document that encapsulates all the information from the client, videos, images and descriptions and send it off to your 3 preferred suppliers.

Now create a gold standard for your suppliers to commit to. This allows for equal comparisons as their information can be returned in a standard, coherent way that allows you to make quick purchasing decision.

Make the decision to visit

Sometimes it is a complex claim and you are going to need to send a loss adjuster to make the property to make a assessment. That's life. But at least you can ensure that this isnlt going to be a wasted visit be making that initial assessment via FloQuote.

A high percentage can be determined before sending someone and that will save bundles of time and money.

And just as important, not driving around to make insurance claim assessments will save a lot of fuel and significantly reduce pollution. A virtue worth signalling if you are an insurance company.

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Adopt Artificial Intelligence

FloQuote can work as a standalone product but it can also work with your current CRM and database, adding extra functionality without having to change anything in the back-end.

What is clever about FloQuote is it uses to AI technology to formatting the relevant information.

You may ask why you need this. Well, understanding the information the client is sending means less human communication. Less humans equals less money spent processing each claim and more money saved.

We won funding from the UK Government

Even the UK Government thinks this is a great idea and a great bit of software because they awarded us a grant from the The Sustainable Innovation Fund. Innovate UK, as part of UK Research and Innovation, is investing up to £10 million to fund single and collaborative research and development projects as part of the Sustainable Innovation Fund. A fantastic idea to get the Country up and running again after the Covid pandemic.

A lot of applicants and not many winners.

So, if the government trusts us, maybe you could? (great line - and yes we know it's not 100% right.)


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