FloQuote | Remote estimating software for flooring companies.

FloQuote is perfect for carpet and flooring shops and businesses to make that first measurement. Give an accurate estimate to your potential customer without the time and expense of visiting the property. An awful lot of those people have no real intention of making a purchase, they are just looking for ball-park pricing and they already have other quotes. This is especially true in the flooring industry. FloQuote allows you to weed out the price monkeys and only visit when you have a commitment from the client.

Got a minute? Here's why you need FloQuote

So why is FloQuote good for a carpet shop for example?

Well, for the same reason that it's good for every other type of field service company - save yourself a journey. Don't visit the customer for that initial estimate because clients often don't see the value in a good floor installation, they see it as a commodity and they purchase on price. Some of them already have quotes and they need you to make up the numbers. Some of them have a major building project to get through before they get to the flooring - so, give yourself give them what they need quickly and accurately so you can spend the time with actual customers.

It's about saving time and money

2 out of 3 times driving a van to go and meet potential clients for estimates is waste of your time and money.

The industry standard for winning a quote in the flooring industry is 1 in 3 so that makes 2 wasted journeys. Journeys that never end in a sale but can take hours of travel time, plus the cost of fuel and the time it takes to build the quote itself.

If you want to wear on of these bad boys you need to be smarter with your use of time.

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The answer is FloQuote

FloQuote means you don't have to visit the client until you have some sort of commitment - or at least a pretty good idea you won't be wasting your time.

You've given them the price so any visit is the seal the deal. Spend more time on the leads that are going to turn into sales. You can do that because you are not spending your time in the van going from place to place.

Once you have some sort an agreement in principle - then go to visit to make a quote, if indeed you need to go at all.

How does FloQuote work?

It is a very simple process. As simple as A, B, C.

a. Someone sends you a message via Whatsapp, Telegram, iMessage, email (whatever) about a flooring installation

b. FloQuote receives it and sends back automatically a message requesting their contact details, the type of floor, some images and videos

c. The interested party sends the info and FloQuote formats it all into an estimate instantly. All you need to do is add the figures and press the button to send it back to the client

Boom! That's it. Saved yourself bundles of time and expense.

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