FloQuote pricing

We have a pricing model for everyone and we will give you 20 free estimates per month - every month.


20 free estimates per month

Unlimited messages
20 free client estimates per month
1 user login
Connect with Whatsapp and Telegram


£29.99 per month

Unlimited messages
unlimited estimates
1 user login
Connect with Whatsapp, Signal, Viber and Telegram



Unlimited messages
unlimited estimates
Multiple user logins
Connect with any messaging platforms

Flobot comes in 3 flavours

There is Flobot for small companies, Flobot for bigger ones and Flobot for companies that needs lots of extra features. Mostly they share a lot of features but as the complexity in your company increases so does the need for more sophistication, resources and training in your job management software.

Flobot atom

1 to 20 users per user per month

1 to 5 users n/a
6 to 10 users £250
11 to 15 users £350
16 to 20 users £425
App and system access
Upload your contact database free
Stop anytime easily
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Flobot enterprise

21 to 100 users per user per month

Crew and field team portal
Web enquiry forms
Online payments
Customized URL
Dedicated account manager
Automated processes
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Flobot elite

101 users + per user per month

Server instance
Franchise module
Online booking
Online payments
Campaigns & coupons
White labelling
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See a full comparison of features here

* A user is defined as anyone who has password access to the system (web app) or the mobile app.

* SMS messages are optional and cost 5p per message to send.

* All prices exclude Sales Tax


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