MessageGuru | Manage all your messages in one place

MessageGuru receives all your messages regardless of platform, stores them and allows you to respond without having to constantly check each platform. It works with many, many CRMs or standalone. Many messages, one unified messaging platform.

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Messages in one place

You never need to search through different messaging platforms because they are all found in one place.

Respond in kind

However the client send the message, MessageGuru will send your response right back the way it came.

Link to your CRM

You might call it a Unified Messaging Platform - and one that links to your CRM seamlessly.

Rapid fire responses

With the messaging templates you will get the response back with a lot less typing - and typos.

Support customers across all messaging channels

Deliver simple, seamless customer support across every messaging channel. Stop missing messages and creating angry, frustrated customers. Unify and track all your client interactions and create more efficient processes to give your customers a better experience.

Connect all channels

See all messages with a customer in a single thread, across every channel of communication: Email, WhatsApp, SMS, Messenger, Signal, Telegram, WeChat and more. And regardless of how they contact you, reply back to them.

MessageGuru is platform agnostic, it doesn't really care how they got in touch, it just wants to ensure you can communicate with them on their chosen platform.

Be ready to respond to your clients just the way they like it.

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Large database

Will it link to my CRM?

The answer is most likely, yes.

And of it isn't we can probably link it relatively quickly.

And linking it to a CRM enhances makes MessageGuru super useful because now you can save all those messages instantly and into the correct record. Or even create a new one for a new client automatically. And that is going to save an awful lot of time.

And using a CRM for messaging also means that you can keep all your messages centralized. So, if someone goes off sick or leaves, then everyone else can still deal with their messages. That will keep your customers informed and happy.

Message templates

MessageGuru allows you to make message templates to share across all platforms. As most of your clients are often asking for similar things, this makes replying to them that much faster and considerably less tedious.

Even better is the ability to automate those responses.

So, for example it might go something like this. Customer sends in message asking for a service and MessageGuru replies asking them for their name, address and contact number. When they reply it uses Artfical Intelligence to sort those fields and create a record in your CRM as a new customer ready to be contacted by a human.

Lots of things can be automated and its all designed to save time and reduce your admin overhead.

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Share the load

Share access to your messaging accounts

Allow many users to access the same accounts with their own login and password. For example, Whatsapp business is linked to one telephone number which makes it impossible to share the account. MessageGuru stores the messages form Whatsapp in a portal that allows access to your users.

So, you can use MessagGuru just to get proper functionality from your chosen Messaging platform.

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