Triple CCC | Continuous Content Creation

Simply switch it on, connect to your database and let Triple CCC automatically optmize your website for the Google Search Engine.

Triple CCC

Full automation

You won't have to keep creating that content because it is going to keep making itself..

Optimize your site for SEO

A self-fulfilling, virtuous circle of content creation for each page of your website.

Long tail keyword captures

Your customers are out there typing in exactly what they want to buy, so make it easy for them to fin you.

Higher conversion rates

These keywords have the highest conversion rates because they are an exact match for the search terms.

Use the content you already have

It's simple. Every day you are creating useful content for your website and not doing anything with it. Triple CCC takes the content and puts into into specially prepared, Search Engine Optimized pages to keep the content fresh, useful for the user and relevant to the Google Search Engine. That makes your website rank higher for the keywords that drive business to your site.

Copy from your database

Every time a new customer is entered into the database you create a lot of useful content for ranking your website. You take the specific details of the problem or project, sometimes the solution, the job that needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

This is exactly the information that the next customer is searching for to find your services and fix their problem.

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Large database

Let's try an example

You are a flooring company that supplies and fits carpets in Manchester, United Kingdom. You are looking for clients in Manchester that need your services and they are looking for you. When a customer calls you enter into your CRM database something like 'Cormar Avbebury selected in store and new carpet wanted for bedroom in 13 Acacia Avenue Stockport M18 3BN Manchester supplied and fitted next week. Needs quote and measurement.'

Triple CCC takes this content, uses Artificial Intelligence to strip it of any personal details and then posts it into a specially constructed page, perfected for Search Engine Optimization.

Continuous content creation

There are many optimized pages, each designed for geographical locations. The next time a client finds you and you take down their details for the job, Triple CCC takes the information and decides which page to put it into.

Over time you create rich, fresh content about the services that your offer that is constantly being updated. The result is that Google loves this content, ranks your website higher and you get more visits.

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Optimize for long-tail keywords

Triple CCC built and optimized pages are especially good for capturing 'Long-tail keyword' searches. In our example above, that might be something like 'Cormar Avebury carpet fitter Stockport'. This and parts of this phrase that is typed into Google several times a day.

Long-tail keywords convert at the highest percentages. That means a lot more customers and a lot more business.

Triple CCC will pay for itself in months and provide you with an ever increasing amount of customers for years.

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