Some people still think software won't help run their field service company

But then some people believe the world is flat. Don't be a flat-earther. If you have a company that is offering a field service and you are running it without a comprehensive, all-in-one FMS software package, then look below to see if Flobot will work with your industry and join the rest of us in the 2020s.

Software for property maintenance companies

If you have a property maintenance busines then Flobot might be for you. We designed it for a multiple field service company in the first place, so we think you have whatever you need covered. Scheduling multiple types of engineers, getting their electronic completed project sheets back into thw system with a client signature. It's simple, it's fast and it will save you a ton of money on admin staff and overheads.

Software for landscaping and gardening companies

Landscaping - well that is all about getting what can be a complex quote out to your potential customer as quickly and painlessly as possible. Once you have most of the time they will 'ghost' you and that's the last you will ever hear of them because it can be hard to identify who to chase and when. So, don't let them get away. No matter how ignorant the client, Flobot allows you to manage the quotations and estimates that you send so now they have to talk to you.

Software for cleaning companies

Often cleaning means regular jobs and sometimes with different cleaners. Administration is heavy, whinging from the customers is frequent and staff turn-over is high. It's a tough business to manage. Well, Flobot is here to help. The schedule makes it simple to book and then move cleaning appointments from one cleaning team to another and the invoices are a doddle.

Facilities management software

Large amounts of clients, large amounts of differently skilled engineers, infrequent call-outs, repairs, regular maintenance and lots of invoicing. FM companies are complex and hard to run. If you are having trouble running yours then you should come and speak to us. We have run one before and we used Flobot to do it. Just so you know.

Software for electrical service & maintenance companies

There is a lot of software out there to assist you with running your electrical company. To be brutally honest if it is a small electrical company then Flobot is not the best software for you. Really, only if you have a company with 20 or more people in it is Flobot the best choice for you here as our schedule is better better for dealing with lots of teams, different skill-sets and can be zoned for covering areas.

Software for Scaffolding companies

We are very popular with scaffold companies. Maybe it is because we make it very easy to fill out on-site electronic health and safety from the app and get them into the system and attached to the correct record. Saves a lot of time and keeps a scaffolding company safe from fines. Scheduling multiple scaffolding teams for erections and dismantles is also very easy and the fats invoicing helps to keep cash flow high. .

Software for removal & man and a van services

If you are a small man and a van service then Flobot is not for you. Flobot is designed for large removals businesses where you need to provide quotes and then itemize what will be removed from one place to the next with a signature and some photographic evidence at the end of it. Flobot also has a sophisticated geographical map scheduling module to make sure you get the optimum route for your removals teams.

Software for carpet and flooring companies

Flobot software is ideal for carpets and flooring companies both large and small, probably the best out there. Flobot enables you to send fast quotes from pre-built templates even at the customers house. Helps estimating without even going to the property to cut out time wasters and price monkeys, enables you to take instant payments through the app and the system and pay contractors for each job. In short it is just awesome for this industry.

Software for artificial grass companies

Artificial grass is very similar to flooring and thus works with Flobot very nicely. It understands cut sizes and roll widths. Enables quick quotes and etaimtes to be built. Easy templates and invoicing for walk-in customers just buying the grass itself and now has an inventory module ready for you to find where your grass is and select the optimum cuts to reduce waste and save a hell of a lot of money. Which is why a lot of artificial grass companies use it.

A small taster of what Flobot software actually does

Map showing where your landscaping projects are located

Flobot shows you where your projects and engineers are on a map so at least you know where they should be. But there is so much more to the Flobot. Scheduling the estimators to go and build quotes that are then sent back to the system and off to the client, getting the engineers to do the job at the right time, in the right place and then getting images and signatures back from the field to the office electronically. Invoicing the customer, taking card payments, recording everything that happens in the CRM - and many, many other things.

Different how??

OK, so of course Flobot is a feature reach, configurable platform and can be used 'out of the box' - just like the hundred other Field Service Job Management SaaS companies you have looked at.

What sets us apart is our ability to customize Flobot to our client's requirements. We offer a bespoke coding service that allows them to have their own 'instance' of the software. That is a fully tailored software package created to match your requirements exactly.

No-one else offers that service at a price that anyone outside a blue-chip can afford. Talk to us about it.

Big mac v whopper

Let's put it another way

We all love the Big Mac. But have you ever tried asking for one without the pickles? You might wait a while. Now the whopper on the other hand.... well just 'Have it your way'.

So, Flobot is the Whopper and everyone else is a Big Mac. There's a place for both but if you want something with extra sauce, pickles, cheese or pretty much anything else then you need a whopper.

So to make sure there's no confusion at all; Flobot = Whopper. Glad to clear that up.

The Flobot App

The Flobot app is designed to get your field team members, agents, engineers and tradespeople out in the field to the right job and on time.

Navigate to address

Navigate from job to job by utilizing the built in maps function. Send that information to your client and they can see where your guy or gal is on the map with an estimate of the time of arrival - just like Uber.

Real-time field data

Flobot app sends all the field data back to the office so you can see where all your field members are and what they are doing at any time.

Build a report

Once your field team member has arrived they can check into the job so the office knows they have started work. You can bill by the hour if you want with the built in timer. But you may just want to finish, create a job sheet and attach some pictures.

Get it signed

Attach your 3rd party apps, pdfs, certificates to the job sheet and then get the all important signature for the office so they can bill straight away - or create an invoice in the field.

Even build a quote

or add check-boxes, to do lists, health and safety forms, whatever you need to keep a record of.

Flobot is used by

Easigrass is a Flobot client
Serviceteam is a Flobot client

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